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Ad in the Saturday Nov 29 Citizen:

      No matter who or how many will deny Him
     "They will call him Immanuel ~ which means,
      	   "God with us." (Mat 1:23)

  [placed by three Lutheran churches in Ottawa.]


>From: 	Tony Copple[]
    >Brian: I have put your open letter right up with the newspaper 
    >articles list on my moderator site. Hope that's OK with you.
    >- Tony

 From: (Brian Wilkie)
 To: ("'Tony Copple'")
    Very happy to have you do that...
    I am eager that many lay people should take official action 
    against the moderator. Congregations must insist that their 
    ministers take a stand too.

From: 	Carole Burton[]
Sent: 	November 27, 1997 4:17 PM
To: 	Copple, Tony

Carole Burton wrote:

Thanks for the info re. the mirror site- I'm fairly new at this, and
don't know what that means, but I'll find out!
  Last night I read your `Ladder' - it is EXCELLENT! Also your piece 
re. 'Creation'. I was so impressed that I e-mailed a friend from univ.
days whose husband is chair of the Physics Dept. at Univ. of Western 
Ont. The item by Fr.Spitzer is unusually good too. 

 The e-mail from (Rev) Don Anderson re. how Marion Best got her 5%, is
VERY interesting (i.e. the number of UC members who would disagree 
with the Moderator's views of Jesus.) think we should use that widely! 
 Marion will get a BIG surprise at how many more UC people disagree 
with Phipps, as this thing snowballs more and more.
 With the Internet, a few at the top can no longer do what they like 
and keep the majority of the people in the dark as to what is going 
on. Much of the "success" of their agenda used to depend on that.
 The executives of both Districts in Nfld. have agreed to disassociate
themselves from the Moderator's comments. (Nfld. UC has two Districts 
in place of any Presbyteries.)
 Also, the 16 of 31 Ottawa area UC ministers who were willing to speak
out for Jesus, amazed me. Remarkable to get that many in this crazy 
church where the COWARDICE of our ministers has been a major factor in 
the way the ultra-liberal steamroller swept across our church- (very 
similar to Nazi Germany eh).
 Of course, the 12 who wouldn't express an opinion, clearly expressed
it anyhow, by their silence when one who is supposed to be their Lord 
was put down so much by the head of a church which was founded on Him.
 By the way, Brian Wilkie told me of an incident at the Parkdale UC
breakfast meeting with the Moderator, which I haven't heard mentioned 
in discussion of that event- He said for a time no-one seemed to be 
able to pin down the Moderator re. his views on Jesus- he was 
skillfully side-stepping things- until a woman from Dominion-Chalmers 
got up and read from her Bible Colossians 1:19 "In him (Jesus) all 
the fullness of God dwells." She asked Bill Phipps point blank, "Do 
you believe that?" 
He replied, "No, I guess I would have to say I don't."  That woman cut
through a lot of smooth talk!
 (She might have also read Colossians 2:9, also a powerful scripture 
re. Jesus- "in whom the whole fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily." 
The foolishness of the Incarnation, and of the Trinity- ridiculous but true.

Bill Phipps believes Jesus reveals as much of the nature of God as 
can be seen in a human being. How does Jesus compare to Mother 
Theresa? She revealed a great deal of God. But would we worship her? 
I for one say to Jesus with Thomas, "My Lord and my God!"
 As someone said re. the situation in Eastern Europe re. communism, a
minority can only control a majority for so long, without the CONSENT
of that majority. If CONGREGATIONS all across the church will voice 
their opposition to Phipps' statements, then not even GC executive 
will be able to continue to control this church.
 In Christ Jesus,
 Clarke's Beach, NF


From: ("Mark & Lorraine Fearnall")
    Subject: Re: Updates.
    Date: Wed, 26 Nov
    Hi Tony,
    >Mark, I didn't spot the 20 articles in Tuesday's paper and 
    >I've thrown it out.
    >I'd love to see it. I will re search the Citizen; what was the 
    >exact title of the article?  Was Lorraine thinking of 
    >transcribing it?
    >- Tony
    The exact title was "What the United Church believes"
    The article contained one paragraph and the rest was the 20 
    articles of faith.  Here is the one paragraph...
    "After weeks of controversy, the United Church yesterday 
    affirmed its approval of moderator Rev. Bill Phipps and the 
    traditional articles of faith.  The executive said church 
    members should recognize and celebrate the diversity of 
    interpretations of this and other documents of faith."
    Then came the 20 articles of faith.
[For an alternative set of aticles more in line with the thinking
of our current GC, click "Zingers" at the bottom of the Moderator 
Page, and then click on the "Laughter is the best theology" link 
- Tony]

    From: (Jeanne-Mance Bavington)
    Subject: Re: The debate over the UC moderator
    Date: Mon, 01 Dec

	I have not been following these news....
    	but I will visit the sites and read more about
    	his comments and will get back to you as soon
    	as possible...
    	I have found that the Church.../Churches in general
    	are making some kind of modern changes and
    	that Jesus in his teaching does not want
    	Who do they thinks they are to bring about changes
    	to Jesus's Church???
    	I have found my views, old as they may be,
    	are being challenged all around me and was
    	unable to rebuf... but you and the e-mail and the web
    	may gives us an outlet and I appreciate that!!!
    	and will have to do my bit... here!!!
    	Thank you for your concerns!
    Jeanne-Mance Bavington... 
    >>> J'aime qu'on m'aime
        comme j'aime, quand j'aime ! <<<<<

    From: (Carole Burton)
    Subject: (no subject)
    Date: Mon, 01 Dec
    Re. your note to "all of us" (what DOES one call this network 
    which has emerged??) on Nov 28-  you said Phipps is not REALLY 
    the problem- it is GC and the theological, colleges. So true- 
    Phipps TOLD GC what he believed about Jesus (GC News, available 
    during GC on the UC website- guess you got it also) - "..a of the most profound windows we have".. and they 
    didn't care - he went in by a wide majority. 
    The theol. colleges have well prepared this church for a Phipps. 
    They trained our clergy, who taught this stuff to the people. 
    (The earlier generation of clergy are also to blame- they did 
    not teach THESE things, but nor did they did  feed the flock of 
    God- they did not bring their people into Bible study groups etc, 
    to TEACH them Christian truth- or very few did- (and often if 
    they held a study group, it was from a viewpoint of "historical 
    criticism" etc.)
    Re. this "emerging network"- it surely is the Lord God who is 
    leading us in this!  And he will USE it to his glory!  **Brian 
    Wilkie spoke of how God used the invention of the PRINTING PRESS 
    to spread the Reformation truths- and he likened it to what is 
    happening with us now! 
    I think he is RIGHT ON in this.
    In Christ Jesus, who is Lord of all- 
    Carole B.

From: (Tony Copple)
Date: Sat, 29 Nov

    Rev Phipps:
    The discussion triggered by your public remarks is gaining 
    momentum on the internet. To keep up with this, you should visit  This will also link you
    to other web sites on the subject of concern. You will also
    have up to date access to the comments of individuals across
    the country.
    No longer is this addressed just to you. General Council has
    now shown its true colours, and many don't like the hue.
 Tony Copple, Kanata, Canada  Tel 613-591-3903, Fax 613-591-1509