From the Montreal Gazette, Jan 30, 2005

Marriage is going to the dogs

I'll never forget a news item I saw in an English newspaper while I was studying for my PhD in Cambridge. The title was "You are a bitch but I still love you." There was a picture of a female dog dressed in white robes standing next to a quite hand­some guy. The guy, according to the article, had just married the dog in a court in Germany, which shocked people in both England and Germany

The current debate on same-sex marriages reminds me of this story. Where do we put the limits? Are there any boundaries for our pleasures? Are we not forgetting the sole purpose of marriage and making a family unit? Where are we heading as a society? Cari we be rational for a moment and re­flect on the purpose of life before we express our opinion?

Jjaz A. Rauf

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The letter on the left prompted me to write the following. It was not published. Not yet, anyway...

To the Editor of the Ottawa Citizen
February 17, 2005

Dear Sir

I would like to announce that I have founded a society to promote full marriage between pedophiles and pit bulls. While I realise this is a minority group, we are guaranteed equal treatment with other married groups in Canada under the Charter of Rights. We do not seek financial equality, but demand that the word marriage should be used for our relationships. However, we would expect the Liberal government to insist we get the financial rights as well.

This will in no way demean other groups using the word marriage. Why should they be bothered by what we do? It is of crucial importance that pedophiles with bestial tendencies should be able to feel full and open members of society. For years I suffered depression that my urges were unnatural, until I realised that whatever feels right to me must be right. To suggest that just because our group is new, it is not as valid as 1-man 1-woman marriage that has stood the test of time is an issue for us, but we are happy to take the risks in view of the sensory pleasure we derive from our love of the dogs. By the way, we wouldn't think of copulating using the normal methods (penis vagina) designed by the creator, and have developed other techniques that are superior, involving other bodily orifices. And remember that it does keep us away from the children, and who cares about pit bulls except us?

We feel confident that the Charter of Rights will again be upheld. In the event that any one should argue against us on the basis that our behaviour is in any way unnatural or revolting, our lawyers are ready to sue under hate-crime legislation, using Bill C-250 as an analogous defence. In the past people like me would have been thrown in a mental institution, but in this enlightened age, we expect to be the ones doing the throwing.

ps: Visit for a report on a marriage with a dog in Germany.

Yours faithfully
Tony Copple