Laurie-Ann Zachar and Tony Copple
announce their engagement

This announcement is made on the Internet, because they finally met during the Billy Graham Mission to Ottawa, after considerable e-mail correspondence which started when Laurie-Ann found Tony's Moderator site helpful with her research. She was a 3rd year M.Div. (counselling) student at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Toronto.

Tony asked for Laurie-Ann's hand in marriage on August 27, '98 in Ottawa. To Tony's great joy, Laurie-Ann accepted, also on August 27; in fact, approximately 0.25 seconds after being asked. This may come from her remarkable facility in e-mail, a medium in which she can respond to large numbers of friends' multiple messages almost simultaneously with alacrity and perfect syntax (though it turns out Tony receives far more than a fair share...).

Wedding bells won't be ringing for a while yet, since Laurie-Ann's Tyndale programme ends in May 1999, (when she graduates with her M.Div.) and Tony lives in Ottawa. Telecommunications will continue to play a major part in this romance!

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Wedding Plans

At Rideau Falls, Ottawa
Laurie-Ann loves waterfalls

Family Christmas 1998