The Song     

by Tony Copple

One night about 2 a.m. in 2008 in Catskill, NY, a thought came to me
that explained why some people can think faster than others
a conclusion I had come to in my article Ineptitude.
This thought had taken its time in coming.
Next day I started to write this song.

All people that on earth do dwell,
but not each one is doing so well.
We're told that what we can believe
with focused mind we will achieve.
But some are gifted more than we.
Their thoughts flow fast and succinctly.
Decisions come with lightning speed.
On intuition do they feed.

It seems unfair that some succeed
in any field they like they lead,
while most are getting through the week
in jobs they hate with outlooks bleak.
So I have now formed the opinion
that some have brains of Pentium,
while most two eighty sixes run,
so multitasking is no fun.

The manager in industry
works maximum capacity.
He wonders if his work will please;
If any mark his expertise.
Since no one says his work is fine,
he labours on without a sign
that he has any talent at all.
His self image will sink and fall.

The trouble is that those who lead
are led themselves by men who need
to get encouragement and smiles,
not unseen ticks on personnel files.
So she with Pentium brain rejects
the job a 286 accepts -
huge salary plus dividend.
The Peter Principle again.

The meaning of this verbal flow
as those with Pentiums will know:
don't beat yourself up, no indeed,
for 286 processing speed.
For happiness and joy are not
dependent just on speed of thought.
They flow from spiritual fruit to you.
Galatians five verse twenty two.

See our 2008 performance of Ineptitude on video
The tune may be heard on the soundtrack to this video