The Christian “If”

After Rudyard Kipling


If you can keep your moral standards high

When all about are yielding to the tempter’s charms;

If you can trust God and Love Him supremely,

Resting completely in your Savior’s arms..


If you can love your neighbour as yourself,

Going the second mile in time of need,

Then move on as though you’d done nothing

And never breathe a word about your deed…


If you can pray—and not make prayers a substitute

For action—when there’s a call for such,

If you can witness to those about you

With the love and humility of the Master’s touch..


If you can meet with rejection and hatred,

As did our Lord while walking on this earth,

And selflessly persevere in the battle

For souls to have new spiritual birth…


If you can go through trials and hardships

And never murmur or complain;

Enabled to look up and rejoice,

Regardless of the suffering or pain…


If you can trust, with full assurance

Of a divine purpose for the test;

Knowing all is working for God’s glory,

As well as for your best…


If you have a hunger for righteousness

In this world of immorality and sin,

If you detest the thought of displeasing God

And your heart’s desire is purity within…


If you thirst for the truth of the Holy Scriptures-

God’s written word to fallen men,

Yours is the kingdom of God and all that’s in it

And-what’s more—you have eternal life, my friend!

Author unknown


“…and of His kingdom there shall be no end.” (Luke 1:33)

Winston Churchill said, "Most men occasionally stumble over the truth
-- and most pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing ever happened."