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Restore Marriage, Canada! Newsletter

December 2, 2006



Crucial Vote on Restoring Marriage!

Dear Friend of Marriage,

Hon. Dr. Grant Hill, P.C., CoordinatorWednesday, December 6th will see our Members of Parliament debating and voting on whether to revisit the marriage issue. This vote simply asks whether the House at some future time would be willing to reconsider the vote last year that legalized same-sex marriage in Canada.

This bill will not actually repeal same-sex marriage but merely study whether to consider doing that in the future. Passing this bill will allow Parliament to carefully and thoroughly consider the implications of so radically redefining marriage as we have done. This effort to thoroughly evaluate this action is essential because the previous Liberal Government did everything it could to prevent such a careful and thorough analysis and debate on the true implications of legalizing same-sex marriage before Parliament voted to do so last year.

Here is what we urge you to do as soon as possible.

  • Contact your MP immediately and urge them to support this bill. If you need contact information for your MP, you can find it through the Library of Parliament.
  • Calls to their offices in Ottawa are the best, but e-mails and faxes are also effective. There is probably not enough time for letters to be effective before the vote. Remember that you can call on weekends and after regular business hours to leave a recorded message. When you call, fax or e-mail be sure and give your address so that they will know you are a constituent.
  • We suggest that you convey a very simple message: That marriage is so essential that we should not radically change or tamper with it unless we have thoroughly considered all the impacts. You should add that this was not done before same-sex marriage was legalized and voting for this bill will permit the House to do that.
  • If your MP is one of the opposition, you should also contact the leader of that party requesting that a free vote be allowed and encouraged.
  • Help spread the word by forwarding this on to everyone you can who would also contact their MP.

I know that you understand that throughout human history, marriage between a man and a woman has been the essential foundation of every successful society. None of these societies has ever done what we have now done in Canada by radically redefining and devaluing this fundamental social institution by allowing two people of the same sex to marry. In fact, many nations have chosen not to change the definition of marriage.

It is hard for me to understand why any MP concerned about our future would not be willing to at least permit this kind of analysis before tampering with such a fundamentally important institution as traditional marriage. The three Liberal leadership hopefuls have all stated that they would force a vote against reopening the issue, thus robbing us of true democracy. Gilles Duceppe had announced publicly that he would allow BLOC MPs to vote freely on conscience issues, and yet is enforcing a block vote against re-opening the marriage issue. Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, is also forcing a block vote against reopening the issue.

Our combined voices will bring about change.

If enough constituents contact their MPs, then we have a chance to restore marriage in Canada.

This will be one of the most critical votes in our history because restoring traditional marriage is essential to preserving our future as a society and a nation.

Please do whatever you can to help!


The Hon. Dr. Grant Hill, P.C.
Coordinator, Restore Marriage Project

Please forward this on to others!

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