Some music genres in Western traditions

By Tony Copple

I have been teaching music to children aged 8 - 10 for the last month, one lesson a week. Instead of the traditional approach of learning an instrument, I am using a different format, aimed at increasing their enjoyment of music. In my view this is more important to a lifetime of happiness than being able to play an instrument. But I also believe that if they catch the music bug they will be self-motivated to learn to play. So the first lesson in the course was to listen to examples of different genres. All they were aware of was pop music; mainly what they had seen videos for. I played them one minute of 36 genres which would be recognizable to western ears (and added whale and bird song for good measure, just as Carl Sagan did for the gold disk on the Voyager spacecraft). The song they went away singing was Waving Flag by K’Naan, but they latched onto anything with a pronounced rhythm. I am well aware that lumping the music of 200 countries into one example and calling it world music is ridiculous, but that’s what the west has done. There are hundreds of genres out there. I also know that my choices for the examples chosen would not be your choices. But as Rick Nelson sang, "You see, you can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself.'

A few weeks later, I replayed 6 seconds of each genre on the first edition of CWCP Radio, 22 February 2018, and a discerning listener suggested posting the list below to enable music buffs to see how many of them they were able to name, and even how many artists and tunes.

1	Early Music 		Purcell sonata
2	Baroque 		Bach Brandenburg Concerto No 3
3	Classical		Beethoven, Allegro Con Brio
4	Opera			Verdi. La Traviata
5	Traditional jazz	Louis Armstrong, Dippermouth Blues
6	Early Blues		Robert Johnson, Kindhearted Woman Blues
7	Swing			Glenn Miller, In the Mood 
8	Modern Jazz		Chet Baker
9	Jazz – Be Bop		Charlie Parker, I got Rhythm
10	Crooners		Bing Crosby, True Love
11	Country & Western  	Patsy Cline, I fall to pieces
12	Gospel			Elvis Presley, Run on
13	Rock’n’Roll		Elvis Presley, Don’t be cruel
14	Pop (60’s)		The Beatles, I want to hold your hand
15	Musical play		King Kong (South African musical)
16	Classic Rock		David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust
17	Folk			Nick Drake, River man
18	Synthesizer		Tomita, Snowflakes are Dancing
19	Psychedelic rock	The Byrds, 8 Miles High
20	Electronic dance	Deadmau5, Aural Psynapse
21	Christian Rock		Larry Norman, Why should the devil have all the good music
22	Prog rock		Yes, Long Distance Runaround
23	Grunge			Neil Young, Walk with me
24	Heavy Metal		Pixies, Veluria
25	Experimental sounds  	Magnus Johanson, Xtra Hogtalare
26	Rap			K’Naan, Waving Flag
27	Hip hop			Coolio, Gangsta paradise
28	World Music		Youssou n’Dour_Birima_(Senegal)
29	Pop (2010)		Adele, Melt my heart to stone
30	Electric blues		Stevie Ray Vaughn, Texas Flood
31	World Music 		Youssou n’Door
32	Country (contemporary)	Shania Twain, Life’s about to get good
33	Gospel (Contemporary)	Kirk Franklin, My Life in your hands
34	Folk (Contemporary)	Ian Tamblyn, Tiger Lily Road
35	Contemporary classical	Patrick Hawes, Quanta Qualia
36	Christian rock/pop	Rend Collective
37	Whale song
38	Bird song

Listen to the radio broadcast here, 22 Feb 2018 podcast

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