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Sent: December 23, 2005 1:50 AM
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Subject: Faith Action Alert
Dear Canadian Faith Community Leaders,
Canada's national identity will be affected January 23 by the government we elect.
Currently Canada has an international reputation which is sad and dangerous - we are renowned as a destination for pedophiles, according to police who track the actions of persons looking for young people to have sex with. The main reason is our low age of sexual consent that allows adults to have sex with 14-year-old children - legally.
Our future can be more bleak if we elect a government who will introduce and push legalized prostitution, decriminalized or even legalized marijuana. And what will Canada be like if we legalize euthanasia?  Marriage has already been desecrated and that is now affecting what is taught in public schools about marriage and family.

Canada Family Action Coalition - out of deep concern for our nation's future and destiny, is calling on Christians, as never before, to stand up for righteousness in this nation.  In the past, we have opposed issues such as child pornography and religious discrimination using petitions, emails and letters, as well as personal or telephone contact with MPs. This Federal Election, we have another opportunity to do battle against Satan's, life, family and morality-destroying strategies. Christian citizens can influence society for good by simply casting their votes wisely in the January 23 Federal Election.
We recognize that a government cannot address mankind's greatest need of salvation.  We do acknowledge, however, that government does introduce and promote laws which affect the moral climate of a nation.  These laws can make it illegal for Christians to tell the world about Christ, or teach Bible truths.
We are recommending 3 courses of action that a church congregation may take to influence this culture and this election.
1) Prayer, as you know, is essential. We would like to ask you to consider taking two Sundays in January specifically with a focused and intense prayer for good civil government. Pray that God raises the standard of righteousness in our leadership. Pray for the removal and destruction of the plans against family, Christianity and morality.  Pray that negative and derogatory campaigns fail.
Ask prayer groups and home groups to make this a prayer focus for at least two weeks prior to election.
2)  After the Christmas rush is over we ask churches to do something most have never considered. Churches can host ALL candidate forums in their building. This is not in violation of Revenue Canada policy IF you invite every candidate and give them all the same amount of time to speak. Here is a statement from Revenue Canada's policy and a link to the full section.
Section 14.2.4  "., a charity must ensure that in such circumstances, they invite all the candidates in an election to speak at the same time. Furthermore, the charity must give the candidates an equal amount of time to speak on their general platform.

We believe this is an opportunity to invite the whole community to your church (all-candidate forums are often held in schools or community centers - why not in churches?).
Host one in early January.
What is needed is a good moderator (not necessarily a Pastor), a sufficient time for the 3-5 candidates to speak and then a period of questions and answers. People will get to meet candidates, ask them questions on their positions and become wiser voters.
3)  CFAC did not produce the usual voter guide for this election for two reasons. The last time we circulated a questionnaire less than 50% of the candidates responded to the questions, so the document was not effective. The time and cost of surveying over 1400 candidates is immense.
Residents in some communities are surveying local candidates with a desire to produce a smaller version of a Voter's Guide based on family and moral issues.. This process is quite effective in that contact with local voters is less likely to be ignored by a candidate running for office in that area.  So, consider the merits of a local Voter's Guide. We can help.

This election CFAC has made available a PARTY COMPARISON document on 9 issues of significance. We included the 3 major parties in an effort to give readers information on what party would likely do IF they were elected to govern.
You may download this PDF. Make plenty of copies and give it to friends, congregants, neighbors.
It is available at

Believers are citizens of two worlds. In Canada, God has given us the opportunity to elect our earthly "kings", so let us view it as a responsibility. If we do not vote we allow others to elect the "kings' that all must live under, including a generation not yet able to voice themselves at election time.
It is our conviction that it is a duty to vote - and vote wisely. Please inform your church about the election Jan 23.

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