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Here is an urgent prayer request which I received from a friend in Australia.

From: "John Wyndham",
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Subject: Fw: Evangelism To Be Banned in Australia
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001

This perhaps need to be investigated.

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From: Peter Kirkwood,
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Subject: Evangelism To Be Banned in Australia

This letter is addressed to Christians, those who love our Lord Jesus Christ.

To all pastors and leaders of churches of all Christian denominations as well as all concerned members of the Body of Christ in Victoria in particular, Australia, and overseas:-

Dear brothers and sisters, and Leaders of the Church.

Many Christians in Australia are now starting to become aware that a twin bill called "The Racial and Religious Tolerance Bill" and "The Model Bill" have recently been written and tabled on 14th December in the Victorian State Parliament and is due to be put up for voting on 1 March 2001. (A similar Bill is due to be tabled shortly in WA.) I AM FINDING THAT OTHERS ARE AS DISTURBED AS I AM ABOUT THIS BILL and have written to members of parliament about it already. BUT MANY HAVE STILL HEARD NOTHING OR VERY LITTLE ABOUT IT, and others who have, are not doing anything about it because they don't realise the SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES FOR THE CHURCH IN OUR STATE AND NATION AT THIS VERY HOUR. This bill has some good things in it and, on the surface, it is a desirable bill because it purports to defend the rights of all kinds of minority groups. It purports to reduce discrimination against ethnic and religious groups, and also those of homosexual bias (subtly). But IN REALITY THIS BILL IS SO SHOCKING, THAT IF PASSED, WILL ENACT INSIDIOUS LAWS WHICH WOULD HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO MAKE IT 'ILLEGAL' FOR CHRISTIANS TO EVANGELISE. Christians could then be tried, prosecuted to the tune of $6,000, or even jailed for 6 months if convicted of making a statement that could be construed by a disaffected person as "intolerance" and offensive to their rights and beliefs. To say for example,

"Jesus is the only way to God", could end a servant of the Lord in jail. We believe that this bill is aimed at silencing all Christian churches from evangelising, and at muzzling the church from speaking against homosexuality and other godless practices in our society. The bill even makes provision for a third party listening in to a conversation between two people, to file a complaint or bring a charge if he takes offence at what is said, or construes it as discrimination or vilification. This can even happen in the privacy of your own home. If a Christian, or any other person, is charged the attitude taken by the courts on these matters of so called discrimination is, "guilty till proven innocent", which is contrary to the Westminster code. The other shocking thing is that they would not be allowed any justification. The 'intent' of what a Christian, for example, has said (eg to aid a homosexual get help from God) would not be considered at all in the question of aquittal. One could have a defence lawyer but it would be useless. How insidious! This has been the situation in communist countries. The Bill looks so good on the surface, but is very, very subtle in it's intent. It very cleverly omits any 'direct' reference to Christians and evangelising.

A similar bill is about to be tabled in WA. A copy of this Bill can be obtained by ringing State Gov't offices on 1300 366 356 to order, or downloaded from -Click on 'Racial and Religious Tolerance Paper' under 'Highlights'. (This bill is in PDF format, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on you computer to read it. If you don't you can download it by clicking then on the 'Adobe web site' attachment shown at the bottom of the page you are now on.) -Then click on the 'racial.pdf' button at the bottom of this page, and you will be there.

Last April, while in Ethiopia, an AOG pastor, Ps Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries, had a dream that he saw a newspaper headlines which read, "EVANGELISM BANNED IN AUSTRALIA!" On waking up, he felt disturbed and prayed. Pacing the floor, he asked, "Lord what is this?' After waiting on the Lord, he felt the Lord saying to him, quote, "there is an evil tide rising up against the church in Australia, but if my church becomes proactive and rises up, she shall stop the disaster that is coming on the nation of Australia. But if my church choses to sit back and be reactive (to what Satan is doing), she shall pay a heavy price to get back her position in the land. If my people will leave their differences and humble themselves and repent on behalf of the sin of the land, I will hear their cry and I will send my glory and visit the land." The Lord then said to Ps Danny that he was to launch a prayer and repentance campaign in Australia. Then Satan's strategy against the church in Australia would be revealed. Well this is what has happened. Part of the devil's strategy to hold back revival was revealed in Dec 2000. (The above quote from the Lord's voice was taken from the launching address Ps Danny gave at the "Rise Up Australia" prayer campaign.) How did Ps Danny find out about this bill? An associate of his was witnessing by doorknocking. One of the people in the houses, who was A VIC STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, SAID, "AFTER THE 28TH FEB I COULD TAKE YOU TO COURT FOR DOING THIS." This was before the bill was tabled on 14th Dec 2000.

The associate rang Ps Danny in a panic. So Ps Danny became vigilent for bills and discussion papers put out by parliament and soon found "The Racial and Religious Tolerance Bill" and "Model Bill". It is because Christians had already begun to unite to pray that this strategy has been exposed. Many believe that God has given us a warning and a wake up call through this man's dream. Irrespective, now is the time to act. The time is short. The matter is urgent. I do not believe I, and others like me, here, are over-reacting. People have said, "It would never happen here!" Not so! Independently, others like "Saltshakers", an Australian interdenominational Christian agency that interprets issues in society to the church, has put out a very insightful 2 page paper of warning on this bill. To obtain a copy of this paper, ring Peter Stokes on (03)9894-8780 or Email him at and he will send it to you. You will then be able to Email it to others. My concern is becoming very great, because I am finding that as I talk with others, that many Christians still do not know about this. Some pastors I have spoken to, like my own, are aware of this and are doing all they can to get their people to pray and to write letters to parliament, while others have taken this whole situation as matter of fact, and seem too busy to do much about this. Some have not even bothered to urge their people to pray and write. Others have merely added a small note in their church bulletin, but have not stressed the urgency of this very hour. We are yet given a small window of time to close the flood gates of the enemy. If the pastor is busy, he needs to delegate the matter to a responsible church member who can catch the cry of our Lord's heart to stir up the Christians to be "proactive". YOUR FUTURE AS A LOCAL CHURCH IS BEING THREATENED! IT IS THAT SERIOUS.

Please help oppose this bill and inform the members of your Congregation, and as many Christians as possible of other denominations, about this urgent matter.

Encourage them to do three things:-
1: pray (1 Tim 2:1-4), but not just to pray at home, but also to put shoe leather to faith (James 2:20) and
2: write letters of concern and objection (see sample letter at the end of this letter) to the following:- -Opposition Leader, Mr Dennis Napthine LP (PO Box 293, Portland, Vic 3305; Email ) -Shadow Attorney General, Mr Robert Dean LP (Office 4, 418 Princes Hwy, Narre Warren, Vic 3805; Email ) -Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mrs Helen Shardy LP (560 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick, Vic 3185; Email ) -Premier and Minister forMulticultural Affairs, Mr Steve Bracks ALP (PO Box 524, Williamstown, Vic 3016; Email ) -the Vic Attorney General, Bob Hulls ALP (the person believed to be mainly responsible for this bill) (PO Box 554, Niddrie, Vic 3042; Email ) Peter Stokes of Saltshakers says, "writing letters to politicians should be the absolute minimum required of every Christian on this issue. Visiting your local State Members of Parliament, both lower and upper houses, is really necessary."

3 So also appoint an appropriate person to visit your local State Members of Parliament, both lower and upper house. (for addresses phone 13 23 26).

At least the Vic State government has invited comment from the public. I'm sure the gay community are taking advantage of this opportunity to write and express their views. It has disturbed me to know that the Equal Opportunities Commission is saturated with gays, with no reps at all from the Christian camp.

If you are an oversees Christian citizen reading my plea in this letter, would you also write a letter of concern, on the behalf of Christian brothers and sisters in Australia, to Victorian members of parliament. If the domino falls here, in Australia for God's people, who will be next? If letters come from overseas, those responsible for this wicked bill are likely to back off. Would you also get intercessors to pray for the State of Victoria and for Ausralia. All Christians need to be awakened and encouraged to express their views about this evil bill. The situation looks serious. No letters will be accepted after 28 Feb 01. The Victorian Labor government is taking the approach of accepting this bill. They seem set on pushing it through. As far as I am aware, the position the shadow cabinet of Liberals are taking on this bill is undecided. I met personally with the Shadow Atty Gen, Mr Robert Dean last week. He seems somewhat sympathetic to the Christian position. The Liberals have sufficient numbers in the upper house to vote against and thus defeat this bill. WE MUST IMPRESS IT ON THE LIBERALS TO OPPOSE IT. When you encourage people to write, get them to use their own wording, in their own handwriting, but not to mention their church. It carries more weight to write as an individual. One letter from an individual is worth 100 signatures, and stands for about 1,000 silent individuals in society, in the mind of politicians. Get letter writers to head their letter with, "Racial and Religious Tolerance Discussion Paper", and "for the urgent and personal attention of...", because, often, only their secretary reads those letters. Encourage people to ask for a reply. But encourage them to get started ASAP with their letters. Encourage them to be tactful in their wording. Please photocopy, and Email this letter and the enclosed info and pass it around, esp to other fired up and key people, who in turn will also spread this. But do it quickly. Also photocopy the sample letter and use it to help people in your church to write letters. This letter highlights the main issues of grave concern about the bill. CHURCH PEOPLE MUST WAKE UP AND STAND UP NOW! IF NOT WE WILL LOSE THE DAY! This is the word given by the Lord to Ps Danny Nalliah. If you are in any doubt about what I am urging, please read the bill for yourself, but do it quickly. Time is running out! Also encourage people to join for prayer about this. Make sure that the 'intercessors' in your church know about this. There are combined meetings for intercessors of all Christian groups at 7pm on 1st Fri of each month, at Hawthorn Campus, Melbourne University, Auburn Rd, Hawthorn. (Melways ref 59-F2). This prayer campaign is called "Rise up Australia", is a genuine move of God, is a strategy for revival in Australia, and is a result of the dream given by the Lord to Ps Danny Nalliah when he was in Ethiopia in April 2000. So far 50 churches are represented in these ongoing meetings for prayer and spiritual warfare, but it is hoped that more denominations with a heart for revival will join this budding movement. It began in Melbourne in Sept 2000. The plan is for these meetings to be risen up in every state of Australia. Ps Danny started one in WA last month. You can also ask for a free audio-tape on the strategy the Lord has given to Ps Danny for revival in Australia. For details please ring Michael Barbieri from 'Catch the Fire Ministries' on 0411 421 681; or (03) 9783 2110 Thankyou for joining the fight and for passing on the word to other key people across Victoria, Australia, USA, Canada and the world. There is no time to "temporarily put this matter on the shelf ". Let's create a tidal wave of letters to the gov't and shadow cabinet members. Names, addresses and Email addresses of other members of Vic State parliament can be obtained at: and then clicking 'MP's', then 'legislative assembly' (lower house) and also 'legislative council' (upper house) . You can also Email your concern to or fax to 61 (03) 9650 7245.

Yours Faithfully,
in the cause of the Gospel of Christ,
Ian Nott, very Concerned Christian,
Werribee City Church, Victoria, Australia.
Ps Danny Nalliah also endorses this letter.

Please pray for Australia! A massive revival is coming, but Satan wants to stop it. As God's people pray Christ and His word will not be put down but exalted in the nation.

The following is a sample letter written by myself. This letter contains the main points of concern that would need to be raised when writing submissions to parliament. It is written with it's audience, the politician, in mind. But remember to GET PEOPLE TO WRITE BEFORE 28TH FEB. Can you please photocopy this and give to as many Christian people as possible to help them know what to say, but get them to write as individuals in their own words, in handwriting, and not to mention their church group or it will lose impact in the minds of politicians.

Dear Mr -----
I am writing to register my views about this Bill. It is ambiguous in many places, it would restrict freedom of speech and actually places the Australian citizen in a position where one would question what actions and conversations are legitimate. The Bill does not define what is involved in racial or religious vilification. How can I cause an offence against what is not clearly defined? If this Bill were to become law one could be caught up in a trial without expecting it. The wrong people could be indicted.

It seems odd that a Bill of this nature would be put forward in a country which is one of the most tolerant of other cultures in the world. Australia is not a country known for religious violence, like Arabia, Sudan or parts of India, where radical groups persecute and even martyr people from other religious groups with impunity. On what grounds are academic, artistic or scientific comments exempted when very offensive remarks could be made without penalty? But the average man is muzzled from expressing his views if he fears he will offend. Where is the equality in that? Then there is the yardstick of "reasonable observer" to decide what is vilification when an allegation is made. This would be subject to the views of the magistrate handling the case-no objective evaluative criteria. This undermines the whole upholding of justice. What is disturbing is "no account being taken of intent" when judging a case of alleged vilification, and even more disturbing is "guilty until proven innocent" which is a reversal of the Westminster code. This makes a defence lawyer of no effect and therefore again undermines justice. Our Freedom of Speech is being effectively taken away with a few strokes of your pens when you vote on 1 March. Have you really thought about the ramifications of this Bill? Do you know what you are doing to the common people of Victoria?

As to "comments overheard by a third party", this means that I could be conversing with a friend over some matter in a café which could be overheard by another who takes offence. He could take action against me and I have no grounds of reply? This is going to make people very suspicious and secretive with everybody and will have the effect of dividing even legitimate minority groups. Even in the privacy of one's own home a third party could take offence at something they said and construe it as vilification and bring a charge. This empowers and encourages those who might want to 'control' others. It is every person's right to speak freely on their own property and is a matter of conscience. This Bill is an invasion of privacy. Any definite expression of a firm belief in one particular religion could be construed as vilifying all other religions. This Bill is the thin edge of the wedge in destruction of our freedom of speech. I hope I have touched your good conscience.

Please reply to my letter and tell me your honest position on each of the above matters so I know how to vote in the next elections.
With respect
Yours faithfully

The Moderator