L-A the centre of attraction in Linde, Mozambique

From: Laurie-Ann and Tony
Laurie-Ann and I wish you and your family a meaningful and merryish Christmas 2016.

This was the year we embarked on our final great adventure. We attended Harvest School 24, the 24th school for would-be misssionaries run by Heidi and Rolland Baker's Iris Global in Pemba Mozambique. For June and July we lived in faily primitive accommodation being trained by some of the world's best in how to fall in love with Jesus. Once you have that, all else follows. The photo above was taken during our 'bush-bush' outreach to a village that had first heard of Jesus a few weeks earlier when Heidi Baker had led a team of Mozambican pastors and Harvest School students there. After Pemba we went for 'extended outreach' for 3 weeks in Robertson, South Africa, where we practised some of our new skills and attitudes among some very poor and disadvantaged people in the townships - read ghettos - where the aftermath of apartheid works out its grizzly curse. We loved the joy of being welcomed by folk who have very little and (therefore) want to know all they can about the Saviour. This contrasts with the wealthy West where people close their hearts to the One who created us and loves us to distraction. So we have decided we want to spend a few years (or more) in the Robertson area as long-term missionaries. We'll be working under the guidance of Johan and Marie Fourie, the two angels who run the Roberson Iris base. You can see photos and videos of Pemba and Robertson here. I have yet to find time to produce the comprehensive trip movie that I filmed over the 3 months. All of the teachings at Pemba were made available on a memory stick. As I listen to these now, I am awed again by their power and insight. Here's an example, by R T Kendall, on seeking God's opinion.

Laurie-Ann was invited to become social media and administrative assistant to Darren Canning, a prophetic itinerant storyteller. This is good! She is thoroughly enjoying the work. She has done major volunteer work for Kingdom Culture, and also attends St. Paul's Anglican in Kanata, and Catch the Fire Ottawa. So she's busy!

I retired in March from full time work as a certified financial planner, but have retained a part time role to keep my brain humming as assistant to Cindy Yendt, confidant. To tell the truth I find the 10 hours of work a week relaxing compared with such other multitasking as finding room for our stuff in the condominium apartment building we downsized to in April, charity boards, music for Blackburn Hamlet Community Church, prison ministry, radio broadcasting, maintaining web sites and social media, and digitizing our music collection so we will have great music in our future in South Africa, whatever hardships we may face.

If you were to ask me what I would like for Christmas it wouldn't be anything needing shelf space, clothes, electronics or tools. It would be that you would listen to our radio shows from time to time. Both of us put a lot of creativity, effort and knowledge into Window of Opportunity and Over my Head, but few friends or relatives ever listen, just strangers. Here's a show I did at Christmas 2014 of all my favourite Christmas music. This Christmas morning at 8am EST Laurie-Ann and I will co-host Over my Head; here's the link to the playlist and to listen on-demand after the show. Why not join us?

To you all: faith, joy, and prosperity (in that order!)
God Bless
- Laurie-Ann and Tony

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