The Amish BBS

The Amish BBS offers all of the latest files for the 1880's. Carefully hand-uploaded by authentic 18th-century blacksmiths and delivered using only the finest horses, the Amish BBS's file areas are filled with over a hundred bytes of valuable scrolls.

These fine scrolls include: [Data is delivered daily by horse-drawn carriage]At the Amish BBS, your data arrives on time.

...and there's more:

A wide selection of external doors, meticulously carved by the finest craftspeople, include on-line milk and coal doors, as well as interfaces to accommodate a wide variety of livestock
A team of trained sled dogs speedily deliver your important messages. At worst, they might arrive a little dog-eared.
Foot messengers and town criers relay friendly words to neighbouring farms in real-time.
A source of hours of interactive entertainment, the Multi-User Donkey represents a challenge during every plowing match.
A simple mouse-click activates this small furry critter.
World-Wide Web
Developed by a specially-trained spider team, this handy debugging tool keeps the flies off the horses.
Dedicated T1
Our dedicated T1 (one piece of twine) ensures reliable connections.

So what are you waiting for? Call the Amish BBS this year!

For more info, contact: