Mouse Droppings

A scattering of random thoughts in a dusty, half-lit corner of the Internet


Mini reviews: some interesting books worth reading


Hearts: The card game hearts

Solitaire: A solitaire game (Klondike or Patience)

Linux summary: A brief PDF summary of useful Linux commands

MX: A mid-weight Linux that is easy to use and fast

Plop: Uncomplicate your multiple boot PC

Writings: Why free software isn't there yet


Chinese: Chinese versus English conventions

East Cree: Syllabics memory assistant


Bury FC: The Shakers

Ottawa Senators: a movie cameo

MMA Men's Lineal Belt: From UFC 1 to present

MMA Women's Lineal Belt: From ReMix: World Cup 2000 to present


Stations: Over-the-air television stations in Ottawa-Gatineau


Florida: Reflections of Florida

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