The Ojibway Learner

This page is for fellow learners of the Anishinabe language (Ojibway). At present, it consists of a couple of puzzles I developed for fun, my personal language resource holdings and a short essay about my language learning experience. At the moment, this page is limited by my HTML knowledge and available time.

I don't do "name your canoe, dog, cottage or horse", so please don't email me for this purpose. You won't get a response. I also don't do wedding proposals and I don't know how to conduct a traditional wedding ceremony. Not that I'd think I'd tell you anyway. Sheesh.

Visit Helen's Ojibway Class for a peek at an introductory Ojibway language class.

See a list of personal language materials I have collected over the years.

Here is an Ojibway language puzzle I developed for fun.

Ojibway Language Links

I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, so here you will find a short list of my favourite Ojibway language links. The owners of these links have done exhaustive research and opened up amazing possibilities for the future of Anishinaabemowin.

Ojibwe Links to Culture, Art, History, Language & People is an amazing collection of links brought to you by NativeTech Home Page which I highly recommend for information and advice on native crafts and knowledge.

On-line resources for Native Language from K-Net Services, including syllabic fonts, legends and a prototype of an Oji-Cree online dictionary.

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Last updated October 14, 2007