1779 Argyll Census

   'Inhabitants of the Argyll Estate' by Eric Cregeen, 1963
      Scottish Record Soc.  Available on Mormon film.

This was a complete census of people on Argyll's lands in 1779. 
As such, it didn't include Pennyghael or other heritor's lands such
as Lochbuie, or similar areas in Lorne.  Brolass, was included as
its court case was not concluded.  As both Brolass and Pennyghael
were on the 1716 list (shown elsewhere) it is possible to estimate the
size of the 1779 Pennyghael estate.  It is not certain if those men
who were away with the Fencibles were listed although Neil
McGilvray was included.  There were no McGilvrays on the Duke's
lands in Aros or Torosay.  Regrettably, Mull's female names and their
ages were omitted.

 Off Mull 
Clenary; p.11 (4mi SW of Inveraray)
   Janet Fisher  widow   age 55
     =Don McIlvorie  her son 30
     and Peggy McIlvorie       23
     and Violet McIlvorie      16
Killean; p.11 (W coast Kintyre)
   John (51) McIlvorie       36
     + Eliz Murray           34
     =Mary                    8
     =Don                     6
     =John                    4
Elrigbeg?; p.18 (not in Gazatteer)
   Cath McIlvorie  widow     60
Mannal; p.58 (S end Tyree)
   Flory McGilvray  cottar   60

 Ross of Mull   15 families and 20 fencibles

Saorvein; p.71
   Arch McGilvra             16 apprentice to Don McDonald, tailor
          (might assume he's son of Neil)
   Neil McGilvra  tenant     45
     + wife
     =Don                    12
     =Sandy                   2
     and John McGilvra  servant  20
     and his mom
Tirergan; p.72
   Don McGilvra  tenant      24
     and his mom  (widow?)
     and his sister
Suie; p.76
   Dunc McGilvra  tenant     72
     + wife
     =John (no wife listed)  30
     and Dunc (grd-son)         4
     and Sandy (grd-son)        2
     and maid
   Flory McGilvra  widow     19
     =Don McCarmaig           3
     =Angus McCarmaig         1
     and John McCarmaig        90  (her father-in-law?) McCormick
     and maid
Scoure; p.81
   Ferquhard McGilvra        30  workman
     + wife
     =John                    1
     and his mom
     and his sister
     and his sister
Sheabach; p.81
   Wm McGilvra  Bowman       60
     + wife
     =Arch                   15
Ardtun; p.82
   Martin McGilvra  millar   57
     + wife
     =Don                    25
     =Angus                   7
   Marion McMillan widow
     =Arch McGilvra          13

 Icolmkiln (Iona);  p.98
   Hector McGilvra           62  workman to Neil McDonald
     John McGilvra           12  herd to Neil McDonald
     Don McGilvra             5
   Don McLean  tenant        70
     and Dunc McGilvra grd-son  6   (likely part of Hector's family)
Bunessan; p.76/7
   Peter McGilvra  workman   55
     + wife
     =Arch                   20
     =Neil                   14
   Don McGilvra  tenant      60   no women
     =Dunc                   16
     =Neil                   30
     and Hugh  grd-son          2
   Arch McGilvra  tenant     32
     =Don                     1
     and 2 maids
   Christy McGilvra  (doesn't say she's a widow)
 Assaboll; p.77/8
   John McGilvra  workman     45
     + wife
     =Don                     12
   Mary McGilvra  widow
   Margt McGilvra  widow
 Knocknafennaig; p.78/9
   John McGilvra  no job      45
     + wife
     =John                     8
     =Hugh                     3
   Malc McGilvra  keeper      50
     + wife
     =Don                     18
     =Neil                     9

 Brolass.   (includes the N shore of Loch Scridain)
       6 families and 5 fencibles

Ardchrishinish; p.101
   Angus McGilvra  herd       15  to Don McLean schoolmaster
       (likely son of Malc)
Beluich; p.101
   Malc McGilvra  tenant      63
     + wife
     =Angus                   12
     =Don                      6
     =Sandy                    4
Torrenichruich; p.101
   Neil McGilvra             age?   soldier in fencibles
     + wife
     =John                     5
Killinnaig; p.104
   Hugh McLean  miller        40   + ? McColl
     Martin McGilvra cousin    6    (likely son of Neil)
Ulvalt; p.106
   Neil McGilvra              35 servant to Don McDonald, tacksman
Darrerach; p.106  (Dererack)
   Hector McGilvra workman    45
     + wife
     =Don                      9
     =Neil                     6
     =John                     1
Burg; p.109
   John McGilvra  cottar      72
     + wife
     =Chas                     9
   Dunc McGilvra  cottar      30
     + wife


Off Mull;                               parents  kids  etc
     Inveraray      Janet, w                 1    3
     Kintyre        John, ?                  2    3
     Tyree          Flo, cottar              1
                                             4    6  = 10
     Total of 3 households

Ross of Mull;  (Total Ross population = 869)
     Saorvien       Neil, tenant (Serphain)  2    5     2
     Tirergan       (Don), tenant            1    2
     Suie           Dunc, tenant             1    2     2
     Scoure         Ferq, workman            2    1     3
     Sheaback       Wm, Bowman (Shiaba)      2    4
     Artun          Martin, miller           2    4
                    Marion, w                1    1
     Iona           Hector, workman          1    3
     Bunessan       Peter, workman           2    2
                    Don, tenant              1    3
                    Arch, tenant             1    2
                    Christy, ?               1    3
     Assaboll       John, workman            2    1
     Knocknafinning John, ? (W of Ardalanish 2    4
                    Malc, keeper             2    4
             (15 households; 20 fencibles)  23    41    7  = 71

Brolass (part);   (Total Brolass population = 582)
     Beluick ??     Malc, tenant             2    5
     Torrenichruich Neil, soldier            2    4
     Ultvalt        Neil, servant            1
     Darrerack      Hector, workman          2    3
     Burg           John, cottar             2    1
                    Dunc, cottar             2    1
               (6 households; 5 fencibles)   11   14  = 25

This 1779 list shows 26 men between the ages of 14-60.  If
the 1716 figures for the 1779 non-surveyed areas are added, there
would be an additional three men for Pennyghael and another three
men for Kilninian.  This adjusted total of 32 compares to the 31 in
1716.  It appears the 6 men in 1716 Torosay (who were not listed
there in 1779) have been displaced.  Did they return to

Similarly adjusting the above 21 McGilvray households, to
include Pennyghael and Torosay, gives 26 for all of Mull.  Such a
very conservative estimate is risky given that Argyll's lands in
1801 represented only 32% of the population in Kilninian and in
Torosay, and 55% in Kilfinichen.  But, church and census records
confirm there were relatively few McGilvrays in those other lands. 
A very liberal guess would be 30 households.

It's strange that the number of McGilvrays didn't increase during
these two peaceful generations.  Comparisons with other families
is risky because later church records indicate a surprisingly large
number of McGilvrays remain single and those that marry often have
small families.  It is known that the above 96 McGilvrays represent
a mere 6½% of the total Ross and Brolass Argyll population.
We were not a numerous clan.  The average McGilvray household
was only 4.6 persons (2.6 adults and 2 kids).  Large families were
not the McGilvray norm.

A further comparison with the 1675 figures of 34 men (shown
elsewhere) indicates the numbers of McGilvrays had decreased
during the preceding generation, likely due to the disasters of the
late 1600's.  Emigration was not yet a factor.  Although there would
soon be a major migration from Mull to Glasgow, church records
indicate there were only a half dozen McGilvray families there c1780.