1675 McG Rebels on Mull

                         Highland Papers v1 pp.296/303
                in Publications of the Scottish Record Society
                        2nd series vol 5; May 1914. EPL

At this time the Campbells were using the courts to complete the
takeover of Duart's lands in Mull.  The McLeans, and their followers,
were issued Letters of Caption and Ejection.  This list of 455 men
may include all those who had fought for the McLeans and thus should
be a fairly accurate census of all males, including cottars and
crofters as well as the tenants.  However, the relatively few men
from the same location indicates only heads of households, and maybe
only tenants, were listed.  And, those McGilvrays residing on non-
Duart lands, such as Lochbuie and Iona would be excluded.  The
location of many place names is unknown but some are off Mull; eg.
Kinlochaline, Morvern. (Vic basically means grand-son of.)

There were 34 McGilvrays on the list.  Six on Pennyghael lands and
12 away from Kilfinichen Parish.

Don M'Ilraw                        Balliwilling (Balevulin?)
Angus M'Ilvorish                   Sheba
Ewin M'Ilvray                   in Scur
Dunc M'Ilvray                      there
Don M'Ean vic Ilvray               Kilvicewn
Don grave M'Ilvray              in Starfine (Serphine)
Arch M'Ilvray                      there
Martin M'Donald vic Ilvray         Larnish (Ardalanish?)
Martin M'Onochie vic Ilvray        there
Martin Neelchallin M'Ilvray     in Ardchevage (s of Bunessan)
Don M'Ulvoyll                   in Knockulligan
John M'Ilvorrie                    Isle of Erraie
Neil M'Ilvray                      Sallochar ??
Don M'Ilchallum vic Iloray      in Forwachlie ??
Malc M'Ilvorrie                    there
Malc M'Iloray                      Tormtarroch
Hector M'Iloray                    Pennycross
Don Gorum McIlray               in Pennygaill
Neil M'Ilvail                      there
Don McIloray                       Larsaig
John McIloray                      there
Malc M'Iloray                   in Glentiddell
John Dow M'Iloray                  there
Neel M'Ilvray                   in Dissag (n of Ben More)
John Dow M'Ilvray               in Knock
Ewin M'Ilvray                      there
Lauchlan M'Ilvray                  there
Neil M'Ilvray                      Glenranner
Arch M'Ilray                    in Teerfine (Tiergan?)
Don M'Ilray                     in Teerfine
Martin M'Donald vic Ilvray         there  }
Martin M'Donochie vic Ilvray       there  } separate ?
Malc M'Ilvray                      Killive ??
John McIlvorich                 in Kentalline (n of Salen)

 An Analysis of the McG Population 

In order to estimate the total McGilvray population, in 1675, the
following assumptions have been made;

-that the 34 men listed above are McGilvrays (i.e. M'Ilvorish,
  M'Ulvoyll and McDonald vic Ilvray) and were separate household heads
-that they were half the McGilvrays on Duart lands (to include
  crofters, cottars, etc)
-that a further 12 families lived in other areas of Mull
-that another 40 families lived in the other isles (Islay, Jura
  Tyree and Colonsay) and in Ardnamurchan and Morvern
-that a further 30 families lived in Lorne (see Appendix 2)
-that the average family size was 5½ (as per 1779 census)
-that Skye has been ignored due to a lack of early records and
  because no one can figure out if they should be considered with
  the McGillivrays of Inverness or with the McGilvrays of Mull;
  or, are completely separate.

For what it is worth, this equals 80 families and 440 McGilvrays on
Mull and a total of 150 families and 825 McGilvrays.  Of course, all
of these many assumptions are open to argument and anyone else is
welcome to make their own.

The Islands' population breakdown c1785 was; (246v1p.40)

     kids  -8   24.1%   = 106 on Mull = 199  total McGilvrays
      "  8-16   15.8       70           130
      m 16-60   22.6       99           187  (fencible men)
      f 16-60   29.0      128           239
      all 60+    8.5       37            70

And, calculated from another point of view, the whole McLean clan
fielded 400 fighters in 1689. (see p.154)  Assuming they left
another 400 for home protection then these 800 men would be their
total male population between 16 and 60.  Thus, the 99 Mull McGilvray
fencibles would represent 12% of this force.  Although this seems
high, the McGilvrays did represent 6½% of the total Ross and Brolass
population in 1779, excluding Pennyghael, Glenliddle and Carsaig.

And, by that time, there had been a definite influx of 'foreign'
names into the area, and some McGilvray departures.