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What?! You're not an NCF member yet?

It's easy. It's free. You just have to be a resident of the Ottawa area (Ontario, Canada - eh?). See this page for information on registering. I recommend that you donate something to help keep the lights on and the servers humming. If you already have an Internet connection, that's fine. Why not join the National Capital Freenet anyway? NCF is a community of members helping members through the use of online discussion groups and contributions to FAQ help documents. With NCF you can build your personal Web space, participate in discussion groups or start one of your own!

Are you tired of spam, spam, spam? The NCF spam filtering service is great. I have had the same email address with NCF for years. Since the upgrade to their filtering service in 2006, I have hardly seen any offensive or misleading messages make their way through to my inbox.

Want to get connected? Considering an alternative DSL service for a little over $30 per month? Enjoy the reliable, affordable Internet services of Ottawa's only not-for-profit Internet provider. With the help of the membership community, it would be hard to compare the quality of support and response you would get from the big guys.

Theresa, a proud and happy member since 1995.

This page was updated: December 2014