Web Page Creation Help for NCF Members

Very, very basic help

I have created this page to provide some help for NCF members who want to create a basic home page. You will be presented with a very basic version of an index.html file and a stylesheet file that you will upload to your NCF web space and edit using the online page editing tool in Web File Manager. If you want to do something fancier that what is presented here, you will have to read up on HTML and CSS (cascading stylesheets) and apply your new skills while editing in Web File Manager. This page does not provide help with using HTML editing software.

You are encouraged to follow the guidance on the Help on Publishing Web Pages page at NCF.

The Basic Steps:

  1. Go to this folder. Download the an-index.html and stylesheets.css files to a folder on your computer.

  2. Go into Web File Manager (from the start page). This is assuming you have no files in there yet. If you already have an index.html page, you will want to rename it to something like old-index.html.

    1. Upload the two files to your web space.
    2. You will have to do this one at a time.

  3. Rename an-index.html to index.html. (Follow instructions in the Web File Manager page).

  4. Edit index.html. Observe the Heading and Paragraph tags. Replace text inside of these tags. Observe the bold and italic formatting elements. Save your changes. Click the View link to see how your page shows in the browser.

  5. So.. you don't like the font type or colour? You will have to edit the stylesheets.css to make changes. Again, you will have to do some reading up / web searching on using styles.

  6. Want to back up files before doing major changes? (a very smart idea) Create a copy of the file in Web File Manager i.e. copy index.html to index-BAK1.html.

Send me a comment. If you want to see the code for this page, click View, Source (or page source) in your browser menu. If you have problems or questions, post them in the Help Desk discussion group.

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Page created: August 19, 2009 Updated: February 2015

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