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An Oddity of Nature

In the park one day in early fall
as I was wandering around a poplar tree
I encountered the strangest creature of all
lingering there and watching me.

It really caught me by surprise!
I wasn't sure just what to say.
That funny nose! Those big, big eyes
staring at me just feet away.

So there with an oddity of nature I sat.
It put me in such a pleasant mood.
It didn't understand when I tried to chat
so I went on my way to gather more food.

image squirrel eyes watching

image animated squirrel watching from tree

Theresa Jobateh
December 2001
(inspired Autumn, 1985)

Hey! Send me a comment. I know you mainly came for the images you found on Google, but what did you think of the POEM? So, WHO is the oddity here?

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April 2006: My oddity of nature charmed its way into Creative Corner at Nature Canada.

All works copyright. Theresa Jobateh