Dreaming to some day become a published author

Wait a minute… If I am able to express my thoughts in type and announce them on this Web site, then am I already a "published author"?

I am the "originator and creator" of this Web site and the content within. This Web site is accessible to the "public" on the World Wide Web.

Although I did not earn a diploma or degree in literature or journalism, could I declare myself a published author? I am the author, editor and publisher of content on my Web site (with the help of my word processor and ISP, of course).

The World Wide Web has liberated millions of writers who can publish their works economically and freely (well, in most countries). The matter of the work being of good quality or in good taste is an important fact to consider. That's where a good editor comes in.

One good thing about these musings, is that they were not "pushed" or "blasted" at you via your Email software.  You were "pulled" here, mainly by your curiosity.

Well, thanks for listening.  I'm flattered you even came this far. I'm sure there are more innn-terrrresting places for you to go now. 

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Definitions culled from www.dictionary.com:


  1. To prepare and issue (printed material) for public distribution or sale.
  2. To bring to the public attention; announce...

v. intr

  1. To issue a publication.
  2. To be the writer or author of published works or a work.


  1. The original writer of a literary work.
  2. One who practices writing as a profession.
  3. An originator or creator: the author of a new theory.


This space reserved for links to published works.

Released April 2011 - The Year of the Rabbit, a novel about fate, family and forgiveness.

In the meantime, enjoy a poem by Robert Service titled "My Masterpiece"