Quest for Nap
Starring Geneva Tabby Cat >^..^<
Words by her favourite human :-}
November 2007
One day, Geneva had been playing hard, frolicking around the house after getting high on catnip.
She followed the servant woman to the kitchen for a treat.  She started to get sleepy.
She climbed up onto the cabinet to lie down but that was too high!
She lay down in an old book shelf but that was too low.
She lay on the trunk but that was too hard.
She lay on the couch.
but the light from the window was too bright!
She tried to lie in her bed by the  other window but it was too chilly.  Then she thought... Hmm.  I wonder where is a better place to nap?
She found Snuggles lying in the kitchen window in a purrfectly good sun puddle.
Ahh!  That was better.  A warm spot and someone with whom to share it!
The end >^..^<