Star Wars Playsets

The Star Wars-era playsets debuted in 1978 with the plastic Death Star Space Station playset. Most of the boxes that the playsets came in were unique in that there was a small tab that fastened the end flaps shut on both ends of the boxes themselves. The Death Star Space Station's first box was also unique in Canada in that it opened from the front like a book, as opposed to opening at the end flaps like its American counterpart. In addition, the box that the playset was released in was completely covered by the graphic of the toy itself. The playsets' boxes had English printing on one side, and French printing on the other; a tell-tale sign that the item is Canadian.

1978:  Death Star Space Station

1979:  Land of the Jawas   -   Creature Cantina   -   Sears Canada Death Star (aka the Chipboard or Cardboard Death Star)

Land of the Jawas

Land of the Jawas:

The Land of the Jawas playset did not differ from its American counterpart save for the box it was packaged in. Notice the attractive pyramid-style logo that was used on early versions of Canadian Star Wars-era items.

Sears also had a Land of the Jawas special offer.

In addition, K-Mart Canada had their own version of the Land of the Jawas special offer.

Creature Cantina

Creature Cantina:

The Creature Cantina did not differ from its American counterpart. Notice now that the French Star Wars logo has changed from its original, pyramid style, to the newer rectangular style logo.

Sears also had a Creature Cantina special offer.

(Plastic) Death Star

Death Star Space Station:

The Death Star Space Station was very popular when it debuted in 1978. Canada holds the distinction of having two different versions of the Death Star produced for it; the other version being the Sears Canada (chipboard) Death Star.

This plastic tower version of the Death Star was sold at all retail outlets that sold Star Wars items. As stated above, the first release Canadian box that the plastic Death Star was packaged in opened like a book from the front of the box as opposed to the two end flaps. The second version box release opened from either end of the box, and was smaller than the first release.

Sears (Chipboard) Death Star Sears (Chipboard) Death Star

Sears Canada Death Star:

Imported from Palitoy (UK), Kenner Canada made slight modifications to this version of the Death Star that was sold exclusively through Sears Canada. It was made of chipboard, and a French version of the Trash Compactor sign was added underneath the English version on the wall above the chute. The Palitoy version (as well as the Toltoys and Meccano versions of the chipboard Death Star) showed a colourful graphic of the X-Wing Fighter and TIE Fighter as well as the first 12 action figures on the underside of the base.

The Canadian version only had a black marble covering on the underside of its base with no graphics at all, similar to what is found on the underside of board games. This was easily accomplished since Kenner Canada was affiliated with Parker Brothers, the company that made board games in Canada. The box also shows the Kenner logo. Sears also had a chipboard Death Star special offer. The included instructions also promoted the then available 21 figures, as opposed to the 12 figures found on foreign instruction sheets for the chipboard Death Star.