Return of the Jedi Action Figures

The Return of the Jedi figures released in Canada closely mirrored their American counterparts in layout, save for the bilingual text. Canada had several different cardback versions which are shown below.

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ROTJ Transition Cardbacks:

Original ROTJ Logo and Figure Offer Stickers Original ROTJ Admiral Ackbar Mail-In Offer Sticker
Debut Canadian Return of the Jedi Cardback:

The very first appearance of the Return of the Jedi logo came on just about any Canadian carded ESB figure that was lying around in late 1982 and early 1983. The Admiral Ackbar mail-in offer was a promotion Kenner was running to promote the upcoming movie: Return of the Jedi, due for release on May 25, 1983. All figures with the Admiral Ackbar offer in Canada came with the sticker version of the offer. No printed versions of the offer were ever released.

Kenner affixed the Return of the Jedi logo and the round action figure offer stickers on the card front, as well as the Admiral Ackbar mail-in offer details sticker on the reverse of the surplus action figures in Canada at the time. ESB action figures as early as 32 backs and up to 47 backs have been found in Canada with this trio of stickers affixed to them. The majority of them are 45 and 47 backs. It is important to keep in mind when purchasing these types of figures that a "complete" carded figure of this sort would have all 3 stickers on them. Many of these stickers - especially the ROTJ logo - have been removed by individuals over the years. Take special notice of the ROTJ logo sticker itself. It was created with a special "double-bar" reminiscent of the previous Empire Strikes Back logo where the word "Star" was placed on top of the current movie logo, and the word "Wars" was placed underneath. This changed to the more familiar logo where "Star Wars" was placed entirely over the Return of the Jedi logo for the subsequent ROTJ issue action figures.

Return of the Jedi 65-Backs:

There are two different versions of the Canadian 65-back action figure cards.

Gamorrean Guard CROTJ65A
Canadian 65A Cardback (CROTJ65A):

Canada's first 65-back showed a group photo of the 65 available action figures at the time of release. This cardback also showcased the mailaway offer for Nien Nunb.

The two ewoks - Logray and Chief Chirpa - were blacked out on this particular cardback. This was done at the request of Lucasfilm in order to conceal the identities of the ewoks, and as some have speculated, to curb the inevitable onslaught of ewok "knock-offs" from other companies looking to make a quick dollar.

Klaatu (Skiff Guard Outfit) CROTJ65B
Canadian 65B Cardback (CROTJ65B):

The second 65-back once again showed a group photo of all 65 figures available at the time of release. At this point in time however, both ewoks are now visible in the group photo.

This cardback also showcased the mailaway offer for the Emperor. This mailaway offer would be the last that Canada would see in the vintage line. The Anakin Skywalker mailaway offer was never available in Canada. The UPC box was also left "blank" on all Canadian 65B-backs

Return of the Jedi 77-Backs:

Han Solo (in Trench Coat) CROTJ77A
Canadian 77A Cardback (CROTJ77A):

The final cardback in the Return of the Jedi line was the 77-back. Like its predecessors in the ROTJ line, it showed a group photo of the 77 figures available at the time of release. Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band, the Ewok Combat Glider, the Ewok Assault Catapult and the Rancor were also shown.

Two late additions in the ROTJ line were Lumat and Paploo. Although they both were later released on 79 backs in the US, they were only released on 77-backs in Canada, and without the Anakin Skywalker offer. Readers will also note that the proof of purchase seals on the Canadian 77-backs still remained blue, as opposed to the green POPs found on US 77-backs. The UPC box was also left "blank" on all Canadian 77-backs except for Lumat and Paploo.