Games and Puzzles

Among the very first Star Wars related items to be released in 1977 were the puzzles and board games - even before the popular line of action figures, vehicles and playsets debuted.

140 Piece Puzzles 140 Piece Puzzles

The puzzles were released under the Parker Brothers name in Canada, and were packaged in both blue boxes for the 140 piece puzzles, and purple boxes for the 500 piece puzzles. Unlike the U.S., Canada did not change its box layout to the more familiar black box with the silver border and Star Wars logo. Parker Brothers released three puzzles in Canada that were never available elsewhere. They were: Luke and C-3PO (140 Pieces), "Stormtroppers" (140 Pieces) and Death Star (500 Pieces) as seen below. Quality control must have been fairly low at Parker Brothers during the SW era, or the out-of-this-world names of the puzzles must have confused the employees, as there are several spelling mistakes found throughout the line. None of these "spelling mistakes" was ever corrected. The "Victory Celebration" puzzle in the U.S. was first released with a larger image on the box than what the puzzle was actually made up to resemble. Those boxes came with a small, round sticker on the front indicating the error, and was corrected soon after. The Canadian puzzle never had this error. No puzzles were released for the ESB era, but they did reappear in Parker Brothers' product lineup for the ROTJ era; albeit on a smaller scale.

500 Piece Puzzles 500 Piece Puzzles
Canadian Exclusive Puzzles Return of the Jedi Puzzles

Board Games:

The board games were a popular item in 1977 before the Kenner toys came onto the scene the following year. The Escape from the Death Star game was the first to appear on the market, and it seemed that just about everyone had this game at one time or another. The Destroy the Death Star game is not as easy to find. Several board games were made throughout the original Star Wars trilogy era.

Escape from the Death Star Game Destroy Death Star Game Yoda the Jedi Master Game Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Game Battle at Sarlacc Pit Game