Empire Strikes Back Accessories

The accessories released during the ESB era closely mirrored the same products available in the U.S.. The accessories' boxes had both English and French printing on both sides; a tell-tale sign that the item is Canadian.

Patrol Dewback   -   Tauntaun (Solid Belly)   -   Tauntaun (Open Belly)   -   Wampa

Darth Vader Collector's Case   -   Yoda Hand Puppet

Electronic Laser Rifle   -   Tri-Pod Laser Cannon   -   Vehicle Maintenance Energizer   -   Radar Laser Cannon

Original Patrol DewbackPatrol Dewback with Stormtrooper OfferPatrol Dewback (post-Stormtrooper Offer)

Patrol Dewback:

The Patrol Dewback was actually from Star Wars, but due to its late release in Canada, it was packaged in an ESB box. There are actually three different versions of the ESB Patrol Dewback. The first release was simply the regular Patrol Dewback in ESB packaging. The second release was a special offer version that included a Stormtrooper figure. The advertisement of the action figure inclusion was printed on the box. The third version of the ESB Patrol Dewback came without the Stormtrooper action figure, so the previous release's special offer advertisement was covered with a printed black bar (some versions have a blank, white rectangular sticker covering the offer).


Tauntaun (Solid Belly):

The Tauntaun was actually a "Sears exclusive" in Canada during the 1980 holiday season. It was generally released to all retailers in 1981.

Tauntaun (Open Belly)

Tauntaun (Open Belly):

The Tauntaun with the open belly rescue feature was released in 1982. Unlike other countries, the Canadian Tauntaun Open Belly's product number did not change from the original version (seen above). This may account for why the open belly rescue feature is not advertised as such in any Canadian retailer catalogues.



The Wampa in an ESB box.

Darth Vader Collector's Case (Front) Darth Vader Collector's Case (Back)

Darth Vader Collector's Case:

The Darth Vader Collector's Case in ESB packaging.

Yoda Hand Puppet

Yoda Hand Puppet:

The Yoda Hand Puppet in an ESB box.

Electronic Laser Rifle

Electronic Laser Rifle:

This version of the Snowtrooper laser rifle replaced the 3 Position Laser Rifle from the Star Wars era. The ESB Electronic Laser Rifle had a "sound box" that emitted two different laser sounds depending on how hard the trigger was pulled along with the secret button. Similar to the 3 Position Laser Rifle, the Canadian version of the Electronic Laser Rifle was not available on store shelves for very long, and is rarely seen today.

Tri-Pod Laser CannonVehicle Maintenance EnergizerRadar Laser CannonAccessory Box (Back)

Action Figure Accessories:

These three action figure accessories; the Tri-Pod Laser Cannon, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer and the Radar Laser Cannon were released in 1982. The Vehicle Maintenenace Energizer actually made its debut in the Rebel hangar in Star Wars.