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This page serves as a front-end for various Web projects that are authored by me or that I have my hand in to some extent.

The Crusty Curmudgeon

This is my personal blog. No particular agenda or posting schedule - just whatever is on my mind, whenever I feel like it. Topics include: the Bible, current events, movies and literature, and silly news stories.

Bible Versions Discussion Board

I am an administrator of this discussion board, which focuses on discussion of Bible versions and Bible translation. This is one of the relatively few places on the Web where skeptical discussion of KJV-only discussion is openly encouraged, so I am glad to help keep this board functioning.

Scientology: Warning! The Bridge is Out

When I first heard of Scientology, I thought they were just another kooky UFO cult. That was before I heard of their vicious persecution of those who are critical of them, using the courts.

This Web site was my act of retaliation against the cult after they attempted to destroy the career of a Canadian public official who was investigating their criminal activity. To borrow a phrase from their weird jargon, they "pulled it in on themselves."

Unfortunately this page has not been updated in entirely too long. It's the next project on my list to get at least a facelift.

KJV-Only Fallacies

There's a sucker born every minute, and KJV-onlyism proves it. I have never seen a movement within Christendom more likely to argue its case using pure illogic. This page is a case study in un-critical thinking. Originally this page was set up on Geocities after a discussion where I said I would put together a Web page of logical fallacies employed by KJV-onlyists after I collected ten examples. (It took a couple days.) Geocities is now defunct, but I have been gradually moving the original site over to Blogspot, as well as adding new examples.