WHY did Nostradamus hide his Prophecy?

This is one of the easiest questions for me to answer. If you have given some thought to all those having lived between 1557 and 2017 and who might have objected to some or all of Nostradamus' prophecy, you quickly realize why it had to be hidden.

Nostradamus hated the Valois. He couldn't say so, as they were then ruling France. He hated them mostly for their religious intolerance, as they did not miss an opportunity to massacre Protestants, a group Nostradamus had some sympathy for. He couldn't say that either. That's for starters.

How about the Vatican? Same thing. The Roman Catholic Church was responsible for untold massacres by the Spaniards of native peoples in the newly discovered Americas. Its persecution of astronomers in the name of the Faith was also grounds for the hatred shown by Nostradamus towards the Vatican, although he is very careful to point to the fact that pope John Paul II did rehabilitate the memory of Galileo, in 1992.

How could he not hate the Vatican who covered up the murder of one of its popes, John Paul I, in 1978, a pope murdered just as he was about to put an end to the corrupt money-laundering operations of the Vatican with the Italian Masonic Lodge P2, Propaganda Due, by sacking all the Cardinals who were accomplices in this corruption. Telling this to the world would have earned Nostradamus death by slow torture at the hands of the Catholic Inquisition.

His Prophecy even alludes to the fact that the Vatican itself shall attempt to cast ridicule upon it, another reason for him to hate the Vatican, as he knows that 3.000.000 die in Paris as a result of the ridicule cast upon his Prophecy.

And what about the Monarchy? Although he did not despise the principle of monarchy, he does announce the fate of many future kings, Henry III, Henry IV, Louis XVI, Charles I of England, to mention a few who met an untimely death. Would he not have been accused of anti-monarchist views, had he announced these future political murders openly? So, he did not.

And what of the French Revolution, preceded by the American Revolution, both putting an end to the rulership of kings? Would that not have been sufficient to have his Prophecy destroyed and to earn him the death penalty?

And Napoleon Bonaparte? Would he not have destroyed the Prophecy had he known that it describes his pitiful end on an island in the middle of the Atlantic? He, the greatest general in French history, having ruled over almost all of Europe, reading about the fact that he would be poisoned by arsenic placed in his wine?

Closer to our times, the advent of atheist Communism, wiping out any trace of Christianity in many countries of Europe, would a prophecy about this not also have been suppressed by the Church?

Adolf Hitler would not have appreciated learning that he would commit suicide in a rat hole to escape the torture the Russian army advancing on Berlin would have inflicted upon him, just as the image of his ally Mussolini, hung upside down, were circulating in liberated Europe. Hitler too would not have hesitated to seize from all European libraries Nostradamus books and order them to be burned.

Thus we see that Nostradamus had to protect his person from Church and State, but -- most importantly -- had to protect his Prophecy from being destroyed by future tyrants.

Even today, there is a group of anonymous landholders, owners of the centre of Paris, which have a financial interest at ridiculing Nostradamus' Prophecy about the end of Paris, burned in the thermonuclear hell of August 13, 2017, at 3:53 a.m.

Nostradamus hates them more than anyone else, as he knows that they shall ridicule the Prophecy until the very end, so as to protect the value of their land holdings; and then they shall procede to sell it all just in time for the destruction of the city, their money leaving France with them.

What about the King of England, George VII, whose sons die in Paris on that day? If he believes the Prophecy, he slaps his best ally, the US, in the face. If he does not believe it, he cannot stop his sons from going to Paris while celebrating their cousin's birthday in France.

What about the US President, Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, who has just finished appointing one of his friends Ambassador to Peking. As a friend of Paris, he cannot possibly imagine that his own order to nuke Peking shall cause the destruction of Paris by mistake. So he laughs at the Prophecy.

What about the French President? To protect his alliance with the US, he cannot openly state his fears about the Prophecy, thereby showing a lack of trust in the US military. So, in secret, he does what he has the power to do: protect the Bank of France by sending her reserves to Québec, a sovereign state.

And I have not listed all who have a vested interest in attacking the decyphered prophecy. The Nostradamus industry, for example. Given the encyphered nature of Nostradamus' books, everything printed about the Prophecy but which does not mention this fundamental fact about Nostradamus' works misses the point. Every single translation into English of his texts is also a ridiculous literary undertaking, as an encyphered text written in meaningful gobbledygook cannot possibly be translated.

So, even today, one can see why Nostradamus had to encypher his Prophecy. He did so to protect himself and his books until he was sure that they no longer were in danger. They are no longer in danger, as the Internet is full of them and his decyphered text has been published. All which is left is to convince the good people of Paris that the decyphered text is not by me, but by Nostradamus himself. Stay tuned!

Claude Latrémouille

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