Claude Latrémouille was born in 1943 in a small town southwest of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a place -- in Nostradamus' days -- not as yet discovered by the first French explorers of North America.

His interest for Nostradamus dates back to 1969 when his passion for astrology led him to read his very first book about the man and his Prophecies. During the ensuing quarter of a century, his study of a few of these obscure quatrains, using the classical method for understanding them, revealed a prophetic text whose main characteristic was to become understandable only after the fact, i.e., after the event it depicts has happened or is just about to happen.

In 1994, a major discovery followed: Nostradamus' poetry is enciphered. The method used for enciphering it is the line-based cryptic anagram. Each line of text is a cryptic anagram, i.e., an anagram using the poetic or hermetic licence of a one-letter variation per deciphered word.

At first, only known events, therefore past events, were found to have been hidden in these obscure and enciphered poems. But within a few months, it became obvious that the future was also enciphered in these texts. The trick was to decipher them correctly.

For an event, past or future, to be discovered in cryptic anagrams, one needs to know its basic ingredients: names, dates, places, facts, etc. For the past, no problem. Well, almost. But for the future...

Nostradamus knew that the only way for a future event to be discovered in cryptic anagrams was to write about it often enough so that the mere law of averages would eventually lead to it. So he did.

He also knew that -- for his enciphering to be discovered -- his readers needed to know about past events referred to in his obscure poems. So he combined both requirements of hiding a text about the known past, our known past, and the still future events he wanted to tell them about. The line-based cryptic anagram was the perfect method for achieving that goal, as it allows for more than one text to be hidden within the very same line of enciphered text. So he used it.

As early as the end of 1994, it became apparent that Nostradamus wanted his readers to know about at least one, single, major event, whose circumstances he did hide everywhere in his enciphered poetry. That omnipresence was discovered only later, when it was realized that his prose was also enciphered in the very same manner.

So, from 1993 to 1996, Claude Latrémouille gradually discovered what was hidden in Nostradamus' poetry. In 1998, Nostradamus' Letter to Caesar and his Letter to Henry also yielded their secret. Later on, all of Nostradamus' published texts were subjected to the very same deciphering effort, always producing the circumstances of the very same future event, that of the unintended destruction of the most beautiful city in the world, Paris, by her best friend, the United States of America, on Sunday morning, August 13, 2017, at 3:53 a.m.

This website offers a sample of these deciphered texts, from articles previously published mostly in English in alt.prophecies.nostradamus, a NewsGroup (supposedly?) devoted to Nostradamus' Prophecies.

As Nostradamus intended his deciphered oracle about the fate of Paris to be read by the people most concerned by it, and read in the language it was written in, Claude Latrémouille tells of his discovery in a book called « PROPHÉTIES DE L'ATOME SUR NOUS (Le Livre du Maître) ».

This book offers in a first part a narrative of that gradual discovery and, in four Annexes,

1. The 1555 Letter Ad Caesarem Nostradamum filium and its deciphered version, side by side;

2. the 1558 Letter A L'INVICTISSIME and its deciphered version, side by side;

3. the deciphered prose from (1) the 1555 edition, (2) part of the November 1557 edition, (3) part of the so-called 1568 edition of the Centuries; and (4) from most of the Almanachs for the years 1555 to 1567, side by side with the original poetry which allowed that deciphered prose to be found therein; and finally,

4. the 1566 Letter to the Queen Mother and its deciphered version, side by side.

This book is currently out of print. Its title again:

« Prophéties de l'Atome sur Nous (Le Livre du Maître) », par Claude Latrémouille, 2002, 534 pages, chez l'auteur. ISBN 2-9805585-2-4

Claude Latrémouille
March 31, 2009.

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