Nuking the Chunnel in 2017?

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Subject: Nuking the Chunnel in 2017?
Date: 7 Feb 2012 19:34:51 GMT
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Early in 1994, I had not yet finally realized that all of Nostradamus' poetry was enciphered, as was still 'toying' with the notion that Nostradamus might have used line-based cryptic anagrams only exceptionally. My first discovery of one line-based cryptic anagram had been made in October 1993, leading to the temporary view that, perhaps, Nostradamus did use that device sporadically, just as he had used countless other means to write his obscure texts.

On Friday, May 6, 1994, an otherwise uneventful day triggered yet another discovery of the meaning of a quatrain as is, no anagrams, ma'am. That event? Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was to visit France... by land. The very first British monarch ever to do so.

Nostradamus' use of unique events, usually minor ones, to announce a much more important future event was well known by then. So it was not entirely surprizing to see, in the very text of quatrain VII-16, the Queen's short trip to France on that day:

------------- C E N T V R I E   S E P T I E S M E. ----------
------------------ (édition de novembre 1557) ---------------

----------------------------- X V I -------------------------
--------- Entree profonde par la grand royne faicte, --------
--------- Rendra le lieu puissant inaccessible: -------------
--------- L'armee des trois lyons sera deffaicte, -----------
--------- Faisant dedans cas hideux & terrible. -------------

Quite a vivid picture described here: First the great queen makes a deep entrance; then this 'powerful location' can no longer be accessed. Why? Because the British forces (the army of the three lions) are beaten. By whom? By the IRA. What happens? Inside (inside where? Inside the tunnel) a hideous and terrible event prevents anyone from entering. What can possibly prevent anyone from entering the Chunnel after that attack? A thermonuclear device, detonated inside, inside the Chunnel.

Ever since Queen Elizabeth II entered France very deeply, on May 6, 1994, was it possible to understand this vague poem. The insignificant event was the inauguration by the Queen and by French President François Mitterrand, joined by some European leaders invited for the occasion, of one of the most impressive engineering feats of the 20th century: The construction of a tunnel under the Channel, popularly named... the Chunnel!

Nostradamus was using that event for a purpose, of course. If the first official trip was made by the British monarch, the original text seemed to be hinting that the British army was to be defeated as a result of something happening in that very powerful location, making it no longer accessible.

When would that hideous and terrible event happen? The original text does not say. What is the purpose of a prophecy which makes it impossible to warn people of the major event it seems to be speaking of?

Only later, much later, did I realize that this very poem would yield a hidden text in prose confirming what already had been suspected about the original text. Would that hidden text disclose when that future event would happen? Only if there were enough quatrains producing a flawless decipherment carrying a correct date. Were there enough hidden texts in this case? Unfortunately no. How do we know? Because the year 2007 had first been identified to no avail: On January 1, 2008, the Chunnel was still open.

As the Prophecy hidden in prose within the line-based cryptic anagrams ends with the unintended destruction of Paris, in August 2017, the "correct" date for the Chunnel event has to precede this final event. More recently, the year 2017 appeared. Here it is, from quatrain VII-16:

--------- L'Irlande affrontera l'Angleterre dans le ---------
--------- Tunnel soubs la Mer rendu inaccessible, -----------
--------- car l'I.R.A. y a tiré en effect l'Atome de sa -----
--------- tant grande férocité de Deux Mil X Sept. ----------

In approximate English, with italics indicating words no longer used or spelled thus: 'Ireland shall face England in the Tunnel under the Sea rendered inaccessible, as the I.R.A. did indeed fire in it the Atom of its so great ferociousness of Two Thousand and Seventeen.'

Three more quatrains speaking of the same event had been found. They all can accommodate that date, whether they mention it or not:

C E N T V R I E  P R E M I E R E.
(édition de 1555)


Profonde argille blanche nourrir rochier,
Qui d'vn abysme istra lacticineuse,
En vain troubles ne l'oseront toucher
Ignorants estre au fond terre argilleuse.
Le roc de la Manche cuira par l'horrible Enfer
d'vn Atome qui massacre ce Tunnel si
cher, Élisabeth venant à son ouuerture
très glorieuse auec François Mitterrand.

* * * * *

Approximate translation: 'The rock from the Channel shall cook in the horrible Hell of an Atom which massacres this so dear Tunnel, Elizabeth coming at its very glorious opening with François Mitterrand.'

C E N T V R I E  S E C O N D E.
(édition de 1555)


L'ire insensée du combat furieux
Fera à table par freres le fer luire
Les despartir mort,blessé,curieux:
Le fier duelle viendra en France nuire.
L'I.R.A. combat furieusement en deux
Païs, car sa rage fera brusler l'Enfer
du pire Atome exécuté soubs l'U.R.S.S.
dans vn Tunnel qu'il sera fier de fermer.

* * * * *

'The I.R.A. fights furiously in two Lands, as its rage shall cause the burning [litt: make burn] of the Hell of the worst Atom made under the U.S.S.R. in a Tunnel which it shall be proud of closing.'


Classe Gauloyse par apuy de grand garde
Du grand Neptune,& ses tridents souldars
Rousgée Prouence pour sostenir grand bande:
Plus Mars Narbon.par iauelotz & dards.
L'Armée du Pays d'Irlande passera icy pour
empester du si gros Atome d'U.R.S.S. le Tunnel
soubs la Mer pour obtenir une Grande Irlande
sans Partition en l'An de la Mort de Paris.

* * * * *

'The Army of the Land of Ireland shall pass through here to plague by a so big Atom from the U.S.S.R. the Tunnel under the Sea to obtain a Great Ireland without Partition in the Year of the Death of Paris.'

As I am neither seer nor prophet, I do not know if that event shall eventually happen, or if if it has been discovered totally in error while deciphering Nostradamus' poetry. All I can do about it is to report what I have found, when I have found it, and leave to the appreciation of my readers the authorship of these deciphered texts.

Have a nice day, folks!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 7 février 2012

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