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Subject: Almanach for 1560
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Date: 8 Dec 2010 15:46:25 GMT
Deciphering Nostradamus' title pages is sometimes quite funny. One never knows what is lurking behind these weird frontpages. Of course, they always refer to the circumstances of the unintended destruction of Paris, but one never knows exactly how.

These frontpages also reduce to silence those who say that I invented the hidden texts. Looking at the original pages makes it plain that I could not have done so, as I am not the one who created the original text in the first place.

The typographical disposition of these uneven lines also makes it quite unlikely that anyone other than Nostradamus would have been behind the hidden texts. Sometimes the line does not even have to be deciphered, but just fits perfectly where the hidden text leads. What are the chances that... chance alone be responsible for this remarkable feature?

The eleven lines from the frontpage of the Almanach for 1560 yield eleven line-based cryptic anagrams. Here are the original lines followed by the deciphered lines:

01 --------- A   L   M   A   N    A   C   H
02 --------------- Pour  l'an  I 5 6 0.

03 ---- Composé par maistre Michel Nostradamus,
04 ------- Docteur en Medicine, de Salon de
05 -------------- Craux,en Prouence.

06 -- Tu teipsum oblectes,& vulgi verba loquacis,
07 --- Sperne,bene hic de te dicet,at ille malè.

--------------------- [vignette]

08 -------------- A   P  A  R  I   S.
09 ----- Par Guillaume le Noir,Rue S. Iaques.
10 --------- à la Rose blanche Couronnee.

11 ---------------- Auec Priuilege.

And the eleven deciphered lines:

01 --------- A   L   M   A   N    A   C   H
02 ---------------- que mon Paris

03 -- a compris le gros DIMANCHE TREIZE AOUST MM
04 ------- DIX SEPT quand mon Oracle décède
05 -------------- après vn cruel feu

06 - empesté que le tant bon US a tiré ici soubz vng
07 ------ sentiment de haisne bien mal placée

--------------------- [vignette]

08 -------------- A   P  A  R  I   S.
09 ----- loin de la rude Péquin qui a sa rage
10 ---------- non la bien chère Concorde

11 -------------- qui a ri de ce feu.

An approximate rendition in modern English: Almanach which my Paris has understood on the big SUNDAY AUGUST THIRTEEN MM AND SEVENTEEN when my Oracle dies after a cruel and plague-ridden fire which the so good US has shot here under a feeling of hate quite badly placed in Paris far from the rude Peking which bears that rage not the very dear Concorde which has laughed at that fire.

Clever, eh, this Nostradamus?!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 8 décembre 2010

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