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Subject: An Almanach for 1562
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Date: 23 Jul 2010 01:29:29 GMT
When I began deciphering the various front pages from as many of Nostradamus' works as I could get my hands on, I had not expected to find myself so closely linked to their hidden text as is the case in the deciphered lines from his Almanach for 1562, published in Paris.

This was unexpected as this front page also carries that which looks like a quatrain which, once deciphered, continues the text already begun in the preceding lines, just as if this quatrain had been a perfectly normal part of this title.

But the cherry on top of that cake became the realization that its entire text was about the fact that Paris shall be of the view that Nostradamus never saw that hidden text, had nothing to do with it, never thought of it, as it is the product of my own mind, something which many had written here and elsewhere over the last fifteen years.

Here is that front page:

01. ---------------- A  L  M  A  N  A  C  H
02. -------------------- N O V V E A V ,
03. -------------------- Pour l'An I562.
04. -------- Composé par Maistre Michel Nostradamus,
05. ------------ Docteur en Medecine,de Salon de
06. ----------------- Craux , en Prouence.

07. -------------- Quatrain de l'An vniuersel.
08. ------- Saison d'hyuer ver bon sain mal esté
09. ------- Pernicieux automn' sec froment rare.
10. ------- Du vin assez mal yeulx faitz moleste
11. ------- Guerre mutins seditieuse tare.

-------------------------- [vignette]

12. -------------------- A   P A R I S,
13. -------- Par Guillaume le Noir,& Iehan Bonfons,
14. ------------- A V E C   P R I V I L E G E.

Numbers are enciphered by a substituion of letters for numbers: 0's are O's, 1's are I's, and the other numbers are represented by their respective letters in the order they occupy in the alphabet; 2 is B, 3 is C, etc. Line 3 is an example of this.

It should also be noted that, in this front page, Nostradamus named his own town correctly, something he had not done in the front page of his Prognostication for the same year.

As these 14 lines are 14 anagrams, here is what I found:

01. ---------------- A  L  M  A  N  A  C  H
02. --------------------- N O N   V E V
03. --------------------- (selon Paris)
04. ------- par Nostradamus, car mon cher Paris estime
05. ------------ que mon idée est de ce bon Claude,
06. ------------------ vn Oracle peu creu

07. ------------ qui arrivera en l'An Dix Sept,
08. ------- l'esté, vne saison de malheur icy, car
09. ------- mon très cher Paris a vne exécution
10. ------- le Treize Aoust, quand le fol U S met sa
11. ------- grosse fusée d'Atome en erreur

-------------------------- [vignette]

12. --------------------- À   P A R I S
13. --- qui fera « Ha !  Ha ! » à mon digne La Trémouille
14. ----------- Q V I   L'A   R É V É L É   I C Y.

An approximate translation in modern English indicates in italics words or expressions no longer used or spelled thus in modern French:

ALMANACH unseen (according to Paris) by Nostradamus, as my dear Paris is of the view that my idea is by this dear Claude, a not much believed Oracle which shall happen in Year Seventeen, in the Summer, a season of misfortune, here, as my very dear Paris has an execution on August Thirteen, when the bewildered U S places her big rocket of Atom by mistake in Paris who shall make 'Ha! Ha!' to my worthy La Trémouille who has revealed it here.

Of course, you don't have to believe that the hidden text is by Nostradamus, but as I am neither seer nor prophet, it would make things simpler to hold that this prophecy about the unintended destruction of Paris by the US, on Sunday, August 13, 2017, at 3:53 a.m., cannot possibly come from me. And as there are in my view only two persons who might have hidden the text above, and as the only one of these two persons having been a seer/prophet is Michel de Nostredame, then the logical conclusion has to be: the hidden text is by Nostradamus.

Think about it.

Claude Latrémouille
Le 23 juillet 2010

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