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Subject: Two Prognostications for 1562
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Date: 19 Jul 2010 15:36:19 GMT
Nostradamus left many clues as to the enciphered nature of his texts, some of which appear quite weird. One of the weirdest is the publication, for the very same year, of two Prognostications or Almanachs. Many commentators immediately concluded that this nonsense is evidence that one of these two books must be a forgery, as it is quite stupid to publish two Almanachs for the same year. The same point of view was expressed by the same clueless commentators with respect to the two 1557 Du Rosne editions of the Prophecies.

Religious troubles in Salon de Craux, in Provence, are said to have forced Nostradamus to prepare his flight to Avignon in 1562, so as to protect himself from Catholic fanatics.

One of the books he published for 1562 has been labelled a forgery; it is the Barbe Regnault Prognostication, published in Paris, by the same publisher of one of the 1563 Almanachs.

Here is how its front page looks like:

01. ------------- P  R  O  N  O  S  T  I  C  A-
02. --------------- T I O N  N O V V E L L E
03. ---------------- Pour l'an mil cinq cens
04. -------------------- soixante deux.

05. ---------- Composée par Maistre Michel Nostra-
06. ------------- damus Docteur en Medecine,de
07. ------------------ Craux en Prouuence.

-------------------------- [vignette]

08. --------------------- A   P A R I S
09. --- Pour la veuue Barbe Regnault, demourant en la rue
10. ------- sainct Iacques,à l'enseigne de Lelephant.
11. -------------- A V E C  P R I V I L E G E.

Those able to read French would have noticed an obvious clue as to the enciphered nature of this text: Nostradamus lived in Salon-de-Craux, in Provence, not in Craux in Prouvence. Either he did not know the name of his own town, or... the text of this front page -- like all others -- is enciphered. And the vignette on that front page is the same as the one appearing on a few of Nostradamus' original editions of his Prophecies.

Let's see what that front page hides:

01. ---------- Ô   M  O  N   P  A  R  I  S !   T  V
02. --------------- N E  V E V L X  D E  M O N
03. ----------------- Oracle sus l'An II Mil
04. -------------------- dix sept que ton

05. ----------- Michel de Nostredame aura composé
06. ------------- en ceste rude Cité de Salon de
07. ------------------- Craux en Prouence,

-------------------------- [vignette]

08. --------------------- P A R I S   Y
09. --- estant bombardé en erreur par le plus grand Allié
10. ---- de la digne Cité, l'U S, qui place T'ien an Men
11. ------------ I C Y  E T  T V E  P A R I S !

Have you noticed how the full name of his home town now appears in the hidden text? It starts at line 5, and continues as the original (minus the mis-spelled "Prouuence") in line 6.

For the gallically impaired, in modern English, the hidden text: "O my Paris! You do not want my Oracle for Year II Thousand and Seventeen which your Michel de Nostredame would have composed in this rude city of Salon-de-Craux in Provence, Paris being bombarded therein by mistake by the greatest Ally of the worthy city, the US, which places Tienanmen here and kills Paris!"

Of course, you don't have to believe that all of Nostradamus' original texts hide the circumstances of the unintended destruction of Paris by the stupid military of the United States of America, on Sunday, August 13, 2017, at 3:53 a.m., but... that's what these thousands of texts all indicate.

You have the option of believing that I invented all of this, or that Nostradamus himself invented it, or... that he truly was a seer/prophet who had a vision of this most unlikely event of which he intended to warn the good people of Paris more than twenty years before the fact, so as to avoid panic, allow the authorities to clear the city of her most precious treasures, and save 3,000,000 lives.

Think about it.

Claude Latrémouille
Le 19 juillet 2010

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