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Subject: Presages for 1557 - Title in anagrams
Date: 27 Nov 2003 16:53:40 GMT
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One of the most rewarding efforts decyphering Nostradamus' published texts has been to decypher the cover pages of all his known books.

As usual, the line-based cryptic anagram is the method used, coupled -- where appropriate -- with a letter for number substitution.

In a title, it is amazing to see these anagrams fit even the most irregular text. In such cases, the length of his encyphered lines varies considerably from one to the other, thereby making the odds that a perfectly good French sentence be hidden there by the author of that very title much greater than chance alone.

This hourglass feature helps the reader see that the fate of the entire sentence sometimes rests upon very few letters, the shortest lines being a test for the authenticity of the entire anagrammed text.

The example below is derived from the title page of the PRESAGES MERVEILLEVX for 1557. Two oddities are worth noting: 1) Henry is spelled Henri (a modern spelling); 2) Although the title makes very clear that the Présages are for the year 1557, the cypher requires Nostradamus to add yet another I 5 5 7 in line 17, so as to produce the substituted letters for these numbers, A E E G.

01. ---------------- L E S  P R E S A G E S
02. ---------------- M E R V E I L L E V X
03. --------------- pour lan. I 5 5 7. Dediés
04. ----------------- au Roy treschrestien,
05. -------------------- Henri deuxiesme
06. ---------------------- de ce nom,
07. --------- Composez  par  Maistre  Michel  Nostra
08. ------------ damus, Docteur en medecine de Salon
09. ------------ de Craux en Prouence.

10. ------------- Contre ceulx qui tant de foys
11. ------------------- m'ont fait mort.

12. ------- Immortalis ero viuus,moriensque, magisque,
13. --------- Post mortem nomen viuet in orbe meum.

14. --------------------- A  P A R I S,
15. ------------ Par Iaques Keruer, rue S. Iaques
16. ------------------ aux deux Cochetz.
17. ----------------------- I 5 5 7.
18. ---------------- Auec priuilege du Roy.

The decyphered text follows:

01. --------------- G E N S  D E  P A R I S,
02. ----------------- V I L L E  V E X E E
03. --------------- par la rage de ce bon U S,
04. ---------------- ainsi qu'est tué ce Roy
05. ------------------- Henri Deux mesme,
06. ----------------------- son decez
07. --------- estant comme le sort de Paris la pire
08. ------------ mort insensée dedans ce rude Oracle
09. ------------ exact pour ce rude An

10. ------------- X Sept quand la Concorde fryt
11. ------------------- à mort, fol matin
12. ------ du gros TREIZE AOUST à Trois Heures LIII qui
13. ------ t'empeste de son Plutonium - ô mon si bon

14. ----------------------- P A R I S
15. ---------- que l'U S tue pour rien, ne riez pas
16. ------------------- de ce doux texte,
17. ------------------------ S A G E
18. ---------------- Oracle du pire feu icy !

A very approximate translation in modern English indicates in italics words or expressions no longer used or spelled thus in modern French:

People of Paris, town vexed by the rage of this good US, as is killed even this King Henry the Second, his passing being like the fate of Paris the worst silly death of this rude and exact Oracle for this rude Year Seventeen [litt: X Seven] when the Concorde fries to death, mad morning of the big THIRTEENTH OF AUGUST at Three LIII o'clock which infects thou with its Plutonium - O my so good PARIS which the US kills for nothing, do not laugh at this gentle text, WISE Oracle of the worst fire here.

Happy 500th, Nosty!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 27 novembre 2003

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