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Subject: Almanach for 1565 - Title in anagrams
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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 12:37:51 -0400
Another title page from Nostradamus' Almanachs yields yet another piece of the puzzle of the hidden prophecy about the unintended destruction of Paris on August 13, 2017, after an eclipse of the Moon (August 7), and before an eclipse of the Sun (August 21).

This time, it is the woodcut depicting Nostradamus pointing to the appearance of the sky which constitutes the clue: the image represents the sky before an eclipse of the Sun, yet another way for Nostradamus of pointing to the astronomical circumstances of the event for which he wrote his entire prophecy.

His published text in anagrams is also quite revealing. In line 3, He writes "avecques" as it suits him to do so there, and writes "auec" in line 13, as it suits him to do so there. The very same word, written differently, in the very same page.

In line 6, he does not even appear to know how to write his own name, as it suits him to do so, writing Michel Nostradame. To shut the mouth of those who enjoy tarnishing his reputation, in lines 6 and 7, he insists that he is indeed a Doctor in Medicine, and points to his recent appointment as Physician to the King. He does not forget to mention his true liking for the stars, which enable him to use astronomical events (see above) to point to the date of his Oracle about Paris.

The text below comes from the title page of the Almanach for 1565.

01. ---------------- A  L  M  A  N  A  C  H
02. --------------- P O V R  L'A N  M.D.L X V
03. ------ A V E C Q V E S  S E S  T R E S A M P L E S
04. --------- significations & présages d'vn chacun
05. ------------------------- moys

06. ------- Composé par M. Michel Nostradame , Docteur
07. ------------ en medecine,Medecin du Roy,& A-
08. -------------- strophile de Salon de Craux
09. --------------------- en Prouence.
------------------------------- *
-------------------------- [vignette]

10. ---------------------- A   L Y O N
11. ------------- P A R  B E N O I S T  O D O,
12. --------------------- M. D. L X V.
13. ------------- A u e c   p r i u i l e g e.

Followed by the text decyphered by Claude Latrémouille:

01. ---------------- A  L  M  A  N  A  C  H
02. -------------- P O V R  L'A N  D E V X  M
03. ----- V V  S E P T  Q U E  L E S  M A S S A C R É S
04. ------ de l'US occis par la féroce Chine en Aoust
05. ------------------------- (moys

06. ------ de Mort chez Mon Paris occis par l'Atome du
07. --------- Président Ioe Quennedy, lui mesme Amy
08. ----------------- de la Chère Cité) ont
09. --------------------- en prose que
------------------------------- *
-------------------------- [vignette]

10. ----------------------- L'O N  A
11. ------------ D I T E - Ô  B O N  P A R I S -
12. ---------------------- V N  M A L

13. ------------- q u e  l a  C i t é  a  r i !

An approximate translation in modern English indicates in italics words or expressions no longer used or spelled thus in modern French:

Almanach for the Year Two M and Seventeen [litt. VV and Seven] which those massacred from the US slain by the ferocious China in August (month of Death in my Paris slain by the Atom of President Joe Kennedy, himself a Friend of the Dear City) have in a prose which shall be said - O Good Paris - an evil laughed at by the City!

Clever, eh, this Nostradamus?!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 15 octobre 2002

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