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Subject: Subject: Almanach for 1557 - Title in anagrams
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One of the interesting features of Nostradamus' anagrams is to see them fit even the most irregular texts, like the titles of his books. In such cases, the length of his encyphered lines varies considerably from one to the other, thereby making the odds that a perfectly good French sentence be hidden there by the author of that very title much greater than chance alone.

This hourglass feature helps the reader see that the fate of the entire sentence rests upon very few letters, the shortest lines being a test for the authenticity of the entire anagrammed text.

The example below is derived from the title page of the Almanach for 1557. To construct his anagrams, here, as elsewhere, Nostradamus substitutes letters for numbers in his title.

And, incidentally, he claims, here too, to he a medical doctor; and, here too, he speaks in the first person, thereby making his titles as personal as the text found inside the book; and... inside the anagrams. :-)

01. ---------------- A  L  M  A  N  A  C  H
02. ------------------- Pour l'An I 5 5 7
03. -------------- Composé par Maistre Michel
04. ---------------- N O S T R A D A M V S,
05. --------------- Docteur en Medicine , de
06. -------------- Salon de Craux en prouence

07. ---------- Item la declaration Lunaire de cha-
08. ------------ cun moys,Presageant les choses
09. --------------- aduenir en ladite Année.

10. ------------- Contre ceulx qui tant de foys
11. ------------------- m'ont fait mort,
12. -------- Immortalis ero viuus , moriensque, magisque,
13. ----------- Post mortem nomen viuet in orbe meum

14. --------------------- A  P A R I S,
15. --------- Par Iaques Keruer, Rue sainct Iacques
16. ------------------- aux deux Cochetz,

17. ----------------- Auec Priuilege du Roy

Followed by the decyphered text:

01. ---------------- A  L  M  A  N  A  C  H
02. --------------------- Pour les Gens
03. ------------ de Paris occis par l'Atome, le
04. --------------- G R A N D  V S  O S A N T
05. ---------------- tuer une Cité de Chine
06. --------------- sans exécuter la Concorde

07. ---------- et le grand malheur idiot accablant
08. ----------- mon si cher Pays, la grosse peste
09. --------------- aduenant en la rude Année

10. ------------- X Sept quand la Concorde fryt
11. ------------------- à mort, fol matin
12. ------ du gros TREIZE AOUST à Trois Heures LIII qui
13. ------- t'empeste de son Plutonium - ô mon si bon

14. ----------------------- P A R I S
15. -------- qui auras bien ri de ceste rude prose,
16. ------------------- texte caché souz

17. --------------- ce leurre, ici, par moy !

A very approximate translation in modern English indicates in italics words or expressions no longer used or spelled thus in modern French:

Almanach for the people of Paris slayed by the Atom, the Great V S daring to kill a Chinese City without executing the Concorde and the great idiotic misfortune overwhelming my so dear Land, the big plague happening in the rude Year Seventeen [litt. X and Seven] when the Concorde fries to death, mad morning of the big THIRTEENTH OF AUGUST at Three LIII o'clock which infects thou with its Plutonium - O my so good PARIS, who would have laughed so much at this rude prose, a text hidden under this lure, here, by me!

Clever, eh, this Nostradamus?!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 8 octobre 2002

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