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Subject: Doctor in medicine
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Some regular contributors to this NewsGroup have seen fit - as per their disinformation agenda - to ignore the many statements by Nostradamus himself to the effect that he was a doctor in medicine, in addition to being the recipient of an honorary appointment as physician in ordinary to the King.

So as shut the mouth of these disinformation specialists, here is another of these original texts where Nostradamus identifies himself as doctor in medicine, followed by its decyphered counterpart.

Nostradamus' very first book containing prophetic quatrains, published in 1554 for 1555, is the

01. ------------- P R O G N O S T I C A T I O N ------------
02. -------------- nouuelle, & prediction por- -------------
03. ------------------ tenteuse, pour Lan ------------------
04. --------------------- M.  D.  L  V. --------------------
05. -------- Composee par maistre Michel Nostradamus -------
06. ----- docteur en medicine,de Salon de Craux en Pro- ----
07. --------- uence,nommee par Ammianus Marcelinus ---------
08. ------------------- S A L V V I V M. -------------------
09. Dicata Heroico praesuli D. I O S E P H O des Panisses, -
10. --------------- Caualissensi praeposito. ---------------
-------------------------- [vignette] ----------------------
11. --------------- A Lyon, par Iean Brotot. ---------------

Which yields in anagrams the following text:

01. ------------- P R O G N O S T I C A T I O N ------------
02. ------------- pour vuider la bonne Cité de -------------
03. ----------------- Paris, l'Année où le -----------------
04. ----------------------- M   A   L ----------------------
05. ----- trop Communiste ose massacrer à T'ien an Men -----
06. --- en Aoust Deux M X Sept et la Concorde, en erreur ---
07. --------- immonde, remplace Péquin que massacre --------
08. ------------------ S I  M A L  L' V S, -----------------
09. ----- massacre idiot prophétisé ici dedans ma prose ----
10. ------------- qui t'assassine, ô fol Paris -------------
-------------------------- [vignette] ----------------------
11. --------------- ayant trop ri de ta fin ! --------------

Which, for the permanently gallically impaired, could read thus: Prognostication to empty the good City of Paris, the Year when the very Communist Evil dares a massacre in Tienanmen in August Two M and Seventeen [litt: X and Seven] and the Concorde, through a foul error, replaces Peking which the US massacres so badly, an idiotic massacre prophecized here in my prose which assassinates thou, O foolish Paris having much laughed at thy end!

Clever, eh, this Nostradamus?!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 28 juin 2002

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