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> Subject: Almanach for 1566 - Titles in Anagrams

Nostradamus' Almanch for 1556 contains no less than three front pages. Nothing surprizing. After all, his Benoist Rigaud edition of the Prophecies contains two!

Something peculiar about the first two front pages: they are printed differently while containing the same text. Another case of polygraphy, yielding two different sets of cryptic anagrams about the unintended destruction of Paris. Let's look at them:

The first front page:

01. ------------- A   L   M   A   N   A   C   H
02. ------------ P O V R  L'A N  M. D.  L X V I.
03. ----------- auec ses amples significations &
04.--------------- explications , compose par
05. ----------------- Maistre Michel de No-
06. ------------------- stradame Docteur
07. --------------------- en medicine.
08. ---------------------- Conseiller
09. ------------------------- E T
10. --------- Medecin ordinaire du Roy,de Salon de
11. ------------------ Craux en Prouence.
-------------------------- [vignette]
12. -------------------- A   L  Y  O  N.
13. ----------------- Par Anthoine Volant,&
14. -------------------- Pierre Brotot.

In anagrams, these 14 lines become:

01. ------------- A   L   M   A   N   A   C   H
02. ------------ P O V R   L A   P A I X   D'V N
03. --------- Peuple assassiné d'vn effect d'Atome
04. ------------- si exact mis sus la Concorde
05. ----------------- hélas en MM Dix Sept,
06. ------------------- car son Meurtre a
07. ---------------------- incendié le
08. ---------------------- Conseiller
09. -------------------------- D E
10. -------- ce Ioe Quennedy, lors Ami de Mon Paris
11. ------------------ exécuté parce qu'on
-------------------------- [vignette]
12. ---------------------- A   N  Y  É
13. ----------- à Paris mon "vil" texte : « Ô la
14.------------------- si sotte prose ! »

In English: Almanach for the Peace of a People assassinated from the effect of an Atom so precisely placed over the Concorde, alas, in MM and Seventeen, as her murder has incinerated the Advisor to this Ioe Quennedy, then friend of My Paris executed because my 'vile' text has been denyed in Paris: "O the so silly prose!"

And the second front page:

01. --------- A    L    M    A    N    A    C    H
02. ---------- P O V R   L'A N   M. D.   L X V I.
03. ---- auec ses amples significations & explications,
04. --------- composé par Maistre Michel de Nostra-
05. ------------- dame Docteur en medecine,Con
06. -------------- seiller & Medecin ordinaire
07. ----------------- du Roy , de Salon de
08. --------------------- Craux en Pro-
09.------------------------- uence.
------------------------------ * *
------------------------------- *
-------------------------- [vignette]
10. -------------------- A   L  Y  O  N.
11. ----------------- Par Anthoine Volant,&
12. -------------------- Pierre Brotot.

In anagrams, these 12 lines now become:

01. ------------- A   L   M   A   N   A   C   H
02. ------------ P O V R   L A   P A I X   D'V N
03. --- Peuple assassiné en effect la nuict du XIII Aoust
04. ------- MM Dix Sept, Mon Cher Paris estant alors
05. ------------ incendié d'vn rude Atome, comme
06. ------------ la Mer Égée le Onze Mars II Mil
07. ------------------ Douze, Oracle nyé
08. ---------------------- par peur de
09. ------------------------ ce feu
------------------------------ * *
------------------------------- *
-------------------------- [vignette]
10. ---------------------- N  Y  É   À
11. --------------- Paris et à Athènes, et on
12. ------------------- en rit pour rien.

In English: Almanach for the Peace of a People assassinated in fact in the night of August XIII MM and Seventeen, My Dear Paris then being burned by a rude Atom, as was the Aegean Sea on March Eleven II Thousand and Twelve, a denyed Oracle for fear of this fire denyed in Paris and Athens, and laughed at for nothing.

The first text refers to one of the unwitting victims of the Paris holocaust, an advisor to the then newly elected US President Joseph Patrick Kennedy III visiting Paris for the sole purpose of showing by his presence to these good Parisians that they ought not fear these silly anagrams about the unintended atomic destruction of the city by the US; and the second text kills two birds with one stone, Nostradamus giving us in the same hidden text the dates of the two future major atomic blunders described at length in his decyphered texts, the last one ending his prophecy.

Clever, eh, this Nostradamus?!

Claude Latrémouille
Le 27 mars 2002

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