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Subject: Title from the Paraphrase de C. Galen
Date: 15 Jun 2001 02:29:24 GMT
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One more title from Nostradamus' originals yields yet another statement about the unintended destruction of Paris in 2017.

Just as some dates yield some letters which in turn produce a hidden word, this title is no exception: the 1557 at the end should produce the corresponding letters of the alphabet, namely A E E G, which shall form the last word of the hidden sentence.

The original title:

LINE 1 ---------- P a r a p h r a s e  d e  C.
LINE 2 --------- G A L E N,   S V S   L'E X O R-
LINE 3 ------- tation de Menodote,aux estudes des
LINE 4 ----------- bonnes Artz,mesmement Medi-
LINE 5 ----------- cine : Traduict de Latin en
LINE 6 -------------- Francoys , par Michel
LINE 7 ------------------ Nostradamus.
-------------------------- [fleuron]
-------------------------- [vignette]
LINE 8 ------------------- A  L Y O N
LINE 9 ------------- Ches Antoine du Rosne.
LINE10 --------------------- 1 5 5 7

And the anagrams:

LINE 1 ---------- A  P a r i s, p r o c h e  de
LINE 2 -------- L A  R A G E  D E  L'V S : T O N
LINE 3 ------ Bon Nostradamus te dit que son texte
LINE 4 --------- sur la bien sotte Annee MM Dix
LINE 5 ----------- UII te dit ta tant rude fin
LINE 6 ------------ par ton si Cher Amy, car
LINE 7 ----------------- son rude Atome
--------------------------- [fleuron]
--------------------------- [vignette]
LINE 8 -------------------- N Y E  A
LINE 9 -------------- Paris t'execute de sa
LINE10 --------------------- R A G E

To Paris, approaching the rage of the US: Thy Good Nostradamus sayeth thou that his text about the so silly Year MM and Seventeen thou sayeth thy so rude end by thy so Dear Friend, as his rude Atom denyed in Paris executes thou by his rage.

Claude Latremouille
Le 15 juin 2001

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