The 'Faciebat' from the Letter to Henry

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Subject: A clue to anagrams (Letter to Henry)
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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 21:04:12 GMT
My earlier discovery, made in August 1994, that Nostradamus' published poetry is an encyphered text did not automatically make me reach the same conclusion with respect to his published prose.

Having decyphered the poetry from 1993 to 1996, it was with surprize that I almost stumbled upon his encyphered prose when I examined, more closely than I had earlier done, the manner in which Nostradamus concluded his June 27, 1558, Letter to Henry.

In large letters, spreading the text over three lines (while two lines might have sufficed), Nostradamus wrote:

------------------- Faciebat Michaël Nostra-
--------------------- damus Salonae Petreae
-------------------------- Prouinciae.

How clumsy! He can't even get his own name printed in one line and has to break it in two parts!! And then, the realization of it hit me: breaking his name in two parts enabled him to write a text in anagrams which he might not have been able to write otherwise.

And, in cryptic anagrams, these three lines become:

------------------ France !  L'alphabet idiot
------------------ de l'U S a tiré son Atome à
------------------------ Mon Paris icy !

Yes indeed. The idiotic alphabet of the US is responsible for shooting by mistake her atomic missile to Paris, while Peking was the intended target. How come? The military uses code words (which Nostradamus calls a mot d'ordre), to target their missiles. If one reads by mistake a given code word rather than another, and uses the wrong code to target the missile, the missile will go where the instructions received tell it to go, not where it was supposed to go.

Which is why the ICBM launched at 3:30 a.m., Paris time, on August 13, 2017, reaches Paris 23 minutes later, at 3:53 a.m., and its thermonuclear warhead detonates over the Place de la Concorde, killing eventually 3,000,000, one quarter of which shall be fried by the big atomic heat, the other three quarters dying from the atomic plague, i.e., the ensuing radiations.

Hard to believe? Sure. But it is the core of Nostradamus' prophecy. France's best friend destroys Paris by mistake, just as Gabriel de Lorges, Count of Montgomery, King Henry II's best friend, killed the King by mistake. Which explains in turn why Nostradamus did hide in an apparent Letter to this very King his prophecy about the death of Paris.

Claude Latrémouille
Le 11 janvier 2001

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