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Subject: Nostradamus' cookbook - Title in anagrams
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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 01:10:41 GMT
Time for me once more to provide this NewsGroup with some evidence of the fact that Nostradamus' cosmetics and cooking book is not what it purports to be, but is Nostradamus' prophecy hidden under the guise of an innocent-looking book about... cosmetics and cooking. I shall do so using the frontpage of the 1557 Plantin edition:

01.-------------- L  E     V  R  A  Y     E  T
02.-------------- P A R F A I C T    E M B E L
03.-------------- LISSEMENT    DE   LA    FACE
04.------------- & conseruation du corps en son
05.------------- entierc:ontenant plusieurs Re-
06.----------------- ceptes secretes & desi-
07.------------------- rées  non  encores
08.------------------------- veües.
09.---------------------------- &
10.---------------- L  A    S  E  C  O   N  D  E
11.------------- P A R T I E,  C O N T E N A N T
12.----------------- LA  FAC,ON  ET  MANIERE
13.---------- de faire toutes confitures liquides,
14.---------------- tant en succre,miel,qu'en
15.------------------------ vin cuit.
16. Ensemble deux façons pour faire le syrop rosat laxatif:& pour
17.    faire le succre candi,penites & tourrons d'Hespaigne.
-------------------------- [vignette]
------------------ Par M. Michael Nostradamus.

When decyphered via the technique of the cryptic anagram, this front page produces the following hidden text:

01.-------------- I  '  A  Y     L  I  V  R  E
02.-------------- À  P A R I S, M A  B E L L E
03.--------------- VILLE  DE  FRANCE  SI  MAL
04.------------- occise par le gros Atome de son
05.---------- Cher U S qui pense tuer T'ien an Men
06.----------------- cest esté Dix Sept très
07.------------------- erronné, vne prose
08.------------------------ si veüe,
09.---------------------------- &
10.------------- E   L   L   E    A    O   S   É
11.------------ N I E R  L ' O R A C L E  T A N T
12.----------------- FOL  CAR  T'IEN AN MEN
13.--------- est visée par l'U S qui tue la Concorde
14.----------------- innocente du rude Atome
15.------------------------ venu ici
16. En Belle France(Pays pourtant si Amy de l'U S)le gros TREIZE AOUST
17.   à trois heures cinquante trois, vne digne prose cachée
-------------------------- [vignette]
------------------ Par M. Michael Nostradamus.

Now we know why Nostradamus, describing what happens to those who have not heeded his prophecy, uses so many different cooking analogies, as he repeats that the Parisians are cooked, boiled, fried, etc., by the big Atom of their Dear U S.

And we also know that Nostradamus' entire published works are a hidden prophecy about the future destruction of Paris, in Year Seventeen (2017).

Please note the so-called printer's mistake, right on the front page, as if it could not be noticed (!), at line 5, which should have read:

05.------------- entier:contenant plusieurs Re-
and not:
05.------------- entierc:ontenant plusieurs Re-

But the line-based anagram is not affected by this apparent "mistake".

Oh, you want the hidden text in English? Thought so. Here goes:

I have given to Paris, My Beautiful Town so badly
slain by the big Atom of her Dear U S who is thinking
of killing T'ien an Men that so erroneous Summer of
Seventeen, a prose well seen, & she has dared deny the
so foolish Oracle as T'ien an Men is aimed at by the
U S who kills the innocent Concorde by the rude Atom
which came here in Beautiful France (Land nevertheless
so friendly to the U S) on the big AUGUST THE
THIRTEENTH at three fifty-three o'clock, a worthy prose

And the last line is not decyphered, as it does not need to be:

---------------- By M. Michael Nostradamus.

There we have it. Once more, Nostradamus cannot resist at hiding his terrible secret everywhere, even in the front page of a cookbook!

Clever, eh, this Nostradamus?! :-)

Claude Latrémouille
Le 2 juillet 2000

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