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Animations (Quicktime and AVI files )

All animations are provided in Quicktime (.mov) and AVI format, ready to be inserted in your PowerPoint presentations.  Several free demonstrations are available through the links below.  

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Animations about kinematics, dynamics and energy:   Straight line motion with constant acceleration, projectile motion, Simple harmonic motion, etc.  Also, some animations about mechanisms:  planetary gear set, epicycloidal gear train, etc.

Train d'engrenages planétaire

Animations about Coulomb's Law, electric Field, Gauss' Law, Electric current, magnetic Field, electromagnetic induction, electric motor, electric generator, etc.

Surface de Gauss d'un cylindre chargé

Animations about moving waves (transverse and longitudinal), standing waves, interference, beats, Doppler effect, refraction of light, etc.


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Featured animation:

Diffraction & Interference

This animation is available in the "Optics" section.

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