Sympatico Issues

The "straw breaking the camel's back" was the issue of servers. Sympatico's HSE service has changed a lot since I started with them in 1999 (or was it 1998?), and my understanding of their "official" attitude towards servers (http, ftp, ssh ...) is "NO". NCF appears wide-open within civilized bounds.

A feature I depend on when travelling about is the Sympatico "roving dial-up access", so I am still a Sympatico Subscriber, reverting from HSE to "occasional-use dial-up service".

DSL filters - Sympatico versus NCF

David G. Robinson Oct-25 18:51 From the "red-faced" department: I may have been too "honest" when packing up my Sympatico modem, filters etc yesterday to return them, and I should have retained a couple of the fine Sympatico (Corning) two-line filters, because I have two phone lines here.

Although filtering is not required on both lines, the NCF filters do not pass through both phone lines (being single-line filters), and a frantic work-around was required so that my two-line phones were filtered against the NCF DSL signal, and still were connected to the other line. Oops;

Since I'm still a Sympatico subscriber (reverting to an occasional-use dial-up service for my roaming access when out of the NCA), I went over to this page which led me to this page.
Note that you have to login with your Sympatico "b1" ID and password, so forget it if you are not a Sympatico subscriber.
FWIW you don't need to order the wall-phone filter for a wall phone: these filters push that phone another cm (half-inch) away from the wall, and are a beige colour. An ordinary in-line filter tucks neatly beside or below the telephone.
The delivery of the filters was surprisingly fast, via express-post.