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"Assorted aDSL Topics"

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This entry offers information and opinions from NCF member David Robinson. Examples are for the Thomson ST546 router unless stated otherwise.

The links on the left panel lead to various aspects of the NCF DSL service. Think of them as "chapters" in a reference book. Use what's useful to you, and ignore the rest.

I have also "recycled" some information appearing on the NCF DSL forum, contributed by other members.

Your comments, contributions, and suggestions are welcomed.

Occasionally, the DSL service might drop out, but do not panic and start changing things at your end. I don't recall ever seeing an admission like this when my Sympatico service "disappeared" for a few hours but this is NCF:

"A mistake was made at NCF at about 7pm and noticed/corrected at about 10pm. During that time, the server that does DSL authentications didn't think anyone was a member, and would have said no to anyone trying to log in (but would not affect anyone already logged in). So it wasn't your end."

In summary, I'm happy with the NCF service.

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