Command Line Interface (CLI)
Some Examples

These examples of CLI use were compiled using the model ST546.

Telnet Session Time-Out

Especially when you are taking time away from your CLI telnet session to read the manual, it's annoying to come back to find that the session has "been terminated by the remote host". And you have to go through the username/password routine again.

To prevent this, you can change an "environment variable" called SESSIONTIMEOUT from its default of 300 seconds, to something longer, such as never timing out.

To discover what your current time-out value is, enter "env list"

For infinite TELNET time out, set the value of the variable SESSIONTIMEOUT to 0:
=>env set var=SESSIONTIMEOUT value=0

Your aDSL line Quality

Entering "adsl info" at the CLI gives information that impacts your data rates

Downstream Upstream
Margin [dB] : 12.5 12.0
Attenuation [dB] : 42.0 24.0
OutputPower [dBm] : 19.0 11.5

Available Bandwidth Cells/s Kbit/s
Downstream : 7094 3008
Upstream : 1886 800

I have noticed variations in my "numbers" that are like "the weather". Since I cannot do anything about the weather, I don't worry about it. If my numbers take a dive (especially if my data rates suffer), I'll take a look around the apartment for changes - e.g. are all filters in place et cetera.

Disabling Automatic Internet Connection

You may need to defeat the automatic connection to the Internet (e.g. parental access-control), so that rebooting the router doesn't restore the connection. Ian Macfie contributed "I have a way of setting my st585 modem, via telnet command-line interface (CLI), so that the modem's internet interface is disconnected by default. The internet will stay disconnected even after rebooting the modem." The steps are:

1. open a telnet session to speedtouch.lan
2. logon with the Administrator account
3. enter the following three commands:
ppp ifdetach intf=Internet

At this point your modem's internal interface to the internet should be disconnected. Rebooting the modem should not cause the internet to reconnect. The only thing you have to do now is manually connect the internet either with the modem's HTTP administration pages or with the CLI.

To illustrate the differences in interfaces - Performing this operation on my ST546:

telnet (log in). The "help" listed a pppoe, instead of ppp.
To confirm the service to be "detached", at the command prompt enter "pppoe iflist" (list the pppoe interfaces).

This informed me that my interface is "PPPoE_1"

Again at the command prompt:
pppoe ifdetach intf=PPPoE_1

I powered off the router, and powered it back on. All lights except "Internet" came back on. Restoring the Internet connection is easily done via the http interface, and turning it off again can be done the same way (or by power-cycling the router).