With an IT Architect now on-Board, we are installing an internet connection in the Barclay Office to provide email for our Superintendent and we will be setting up other necessary accounts for the corporation.

The web domain ( will transition from private ownership (by  David Robinson, since 2003) to corporate ownership by CCC#81, "The Barclay"  web-site will be moved to a more powerful and flexible host. 

We want to provide copies of Board Minutes, an on-line version of newsletters and other information and reference material to owners.  We are also looking to create a collaboration site for The Board to  share information about matters under considerations/discussion.

While we understand that Apollo will provide a basic vehicle for this purpose, it may be heavily "branded", and would be difficult to move should we decide to switch management companies.

Further information may be obtained from

Information files such as the following might in future be available:

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