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Great White Shark by the BBC. Retail: $14.99. Amazon price: $10.49.
If you want great action (no pun intended!), this is an amazing video. It's the same show that the National Geographic aired a year or two ago, and features phenomenal sequences of white shark predation on seals and sea lions. You get to see a white shark pluck off a young sea lion, rush up from underneath and nail an elephant seal (and you get to see it dismembered - underwater), an underneath view from a floating surfboard as you watch a white shark rush from the blue depths and nail the surfboard (which it thinks is a seal), a ride on the back of a white shark and more. Not only is there all this great action (which might sound macabre to some people!), but there's great information on here from all the latest research, and you get a number of white shark experts talking about the world's fave shark. This is an extremely wicked video, and I definitely recommend you buy it!