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Welcome to Virtual Sharks, the on-line shark bookstore. This page is run by myself (Ben S. Roesch), in association with, the world's largest on-line bookstore, and a very reputable and excellent one at that. What follows is a list of topics to look at, within which are listed most of the shark books that carries, with a brief description/review by myself. If you would like to order the book, click on the title, and it will take you to a page done by, where you can select the link "Put this book in your Shopping Cart". Then, you can either return back to this page to shop some more, or you can select "Proceed to Checkout" which will let you order the book (just follow the instructions when you get there). In any case, when you are finished selecting your books, select "Proceed to checkout." (Note: "Proceed to checkout" is only found on the pages on the server, so you must end up on one of the pages [by selecting a title of a book]).

Make sure your "cookie function" is on, or else Amazon will drop any books you put in your basket when you return to this page to shop some more. Most browsers should already have this on, but if you are confronted with a message asking whether or not to record "cookies", select "Always." There aren't too many books yet, but more will be coming, as well as VHS videos.

I have included prices (suggested retail, and Amazon's discounted price, the one you pay), which are in US dollars, but these may change slightly. Generally, however, the books are 10-30% off suggested retail price. This means that even though you have to pay a small shipping and handling fee, in the end you will be paying less than if you went to a bookstore in person. Even for Canadians (with the exchange rate and all), the final price you pay will almost always be less than a normal bookstore price (even when converted to Canadian dollars). And the books get delivered to your door!

To publishers and authors: please e-mail me about sending review copies for display and review in the bookstore.

I hope you like the bookstore! Please let me know what you think.

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