by Rob Annis (Rob@sharke.demon.co.uk)


Collins Book of Sharks'
Tom McGowen. Illustrated by Rod Ruth. Publ. by Collins, 1978. ISBN: 0001041088.
Originally published as Album of Sharks'; RandMcNally, Chicago, 1977. Includes an index.

Eyes on Nature: Sharks'
Jane P. Resnick. 1995. Kids Books Inc., Chicago, IL. ISBN 1-56156-422-2.
An early elementary school "picture book" with an interesting layout. Two page spreads with titles like "Built to Last" and "Weird Relations" highlight facts that make sharks so cool. "Kiddie" books often present information in visually exciting and well thought-out ways and this is no exception.

Let's look at sharks'
Malcolm Penny. Publ. by Wayland, Hove. 1989. ISBN: 1852102225.
Presumably this is a publication for kids (?).

The Mako Shark'
Walker, O., and Harris, D. 1990. MacMillan Education Australia, and MacMillan New Zealand. 32 pp.
Elementary book for young children.

Michael Chinery. 1991. Eagle Books, London. 32 pp. ISBN 1855110083.
Photography by David Doubilet.

Shark' Miranda Macquitty. Publ. by Dorling Kindersley, London. 1992. 62 pp.
ISBN: 0863189121.

Berger, G., and Santoro, C. 1987. Doubleday, New York. 41 pp.
An elementary book for young children.

Sharks' Rhoda Blumberg. Publ. by F. Watts. 1976. ISBN: 085166606X. 68 pp.
From the First books' series.

Sharks' Coupe, S. and Coup, R. 1990. Weldon Owen, New South Wales. 68 pp. A revision of Stevens (1987).
Written primarily for younger readers.

Neil Grant. Publ. by Hamlyn, Twickenham, England. 1985. ISBN: 0600309517.

Miranda MacQuitty. 1992. Eyewitness Books. Publ. by Dorling Kindersley Ltd. London or Alfred A. Knopf Inc, NY. ISBN 0-679-81683-6. 63 pp.
Describes the physical characteristics, behaviour, and life cycle of various shark species. Has many colour photographs.

Kate Petty. Publ. by Franklin Watts, London. 1990. ISBN: 0749603968.
From the First Facts' series. Hardback ed. 1985 in Franklin Watts first library series.

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From the All ways of looking at' series.

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From the Animal World' series.

Alwyne Wheeler. Publ. by Gloucester Press, 1987. ISBN: 0863135854 (hbk), 0749606738 (pbk). From the First Sight' series. Paperback edition is slightly smaller at 22cm in height. Sharks: a close-up look at the sea's most frightening creatures'
Marcus Schneck. Publ. by HarperCollins, London, 1994. c1993. ISBN: 0001965808. 32 pp.
Includes a fold-out panoramic chart on inside back cover. From the series; The Unfolding World'. First publ. by Running Press/Quarto Book, 1993.

Sharks: A Portrait of the Animal World'
Andrew Cleave. 1995. Todtri Productions Limited, New York, NY. ISBN 1-880908-25-5. $9.99.
94 Illustrations, 79 pages. Good book for older elementary school kids. Very bright with lots of photos, this book presents an overview of sharks (with a bit on rays and chimaeras). Certainly worth the price.

Sharks in the wild'
Cliff Moon. Publ. by Howe. ISBN: 0850784972.
From the In the wild' series. Includes index.

Sharks: and other hunters of the deep'
Terry Riley. Dean, London. c1982. ISBN: 0603002633.

Sharks and other monsters of the deep'
Philip Steele. 1991. Dorling Kindersley, London. 64 pp. ISBN 0-863185983.
From the Windows on the world' series.

Sharks, Zoobooks 2'
John Bonnett Wexo. 1986. Publ. by Wildlife Education Ltd. 930 W. Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103. ISBN 0-937934-15-1. 18 pp.

Whales and sharks'
Jane Glover. 1991. Publ. by Brimax. pp. 21. ISBN 0861126874.
From the Learn about' series.

The World of Sharks'
Andrew Langley. Publ. by Wayland, Hove. 1987. ISBN: 185210094X.
From the Topics' series.


The awesome basking shark'
Davis, C. 1983. Sea Frontiers, Vol. 29, No. 2, pp. 78-85.

The baffling basking shark'
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Behaviour of the reef sharks of Rangiroa, French Polynesia'
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A technical report.

Big Tooth'
Long, J. 1995. Australian Natural History, Summer 1994-5, pp. 43-48.
Evolution of the White Shark and its extinct relatives.

Biology of the White Shark'
Sibley, G., J. A. Seigel, and C. C. Swift, eds. 1985. Memoirs of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, Vol. 9, pp. 1-150.
Studies of white shark distribution, age/growth, physiology, predatory behaviour and attacks along the West Coast.

Blue Meridian, The Search for the Great White Shark'
Peter Matthiessen. First publ. in US by Random House, NY. First publ. in G.Britain by The Harvill Press. ISBN 1-86046-015-1 (paperback) and ISBN 1-86046-043-7 (hardback). UK 8.00. pp. 163.
Chronicles the expedition led by Peter Gimbel in 1969, whose aim was to find and film underwater for the first time the great white shark. Makes fascinating reading, mainly for adults.

Cousteau's Great White Shark'
Jean-Michel Cousteau and Mose Richards. Publ. by The Cousteau Society. Last printed in 1992. ISBN 0-8109-8134-3. pp. 176. Previous edition published at $39.95.
This book chronicles an expedition by the Cousteau Society to find, film and study the great white shark. Stunning photography. It makes for very interesting reading with many anecdotes that should be heeded. Chapter two is entitled, How to help a white shark find you' - !!!

Crater wounds on northern elephant seals: the cookie cutter shark strikes again'
Le Bouef, B. J., J. E. McCosker, and J. Hewitt. 1987. Fishery Bulletin, Vol. 85, No. 2, pp. 387-392.

Food habits, occurrence, and population structure of the bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, in Florida coastal lagoons'
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The Great White Shark'
Jim Crockett. 1986. Publ. by NLP Inc. Box 21447, Reno, NV 89515-1447. pp. 58.

Great White Shark'
Richard Ellis and John E. McCosker. ISBN 0-8047-2529-2. Publ. by Harper Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd St. NY, NY 10022. pp. 270.
V. good book. A few years ago it was considered the bible on this species and is still very useful now. Obviously a lot of research was done for this book. Covers all aspects of this species; attacks, morphology and biology, behaviour, captivity etc. A very readable book but can be very specific; high school/college level.

Great White Sharks, The Biology of Carcharodon carcharias'
Edited by A. Peter Klimley & David G. Ainley. Published by Academic Press Inc. (www.apnet.com) 1996. pp. 517. ISBN 0-12-415030- 6. Includes papers from Mark Marks, Leonard Compagno, Douglas Long, John E. McCosker and Donald R. Nelson to name but a few.
Probably the most up-to-date book on this species. It is an excellent publication comprising of a collection of papers covering all aspects of the great white; evolution, anatomy, physiology, behaviour, ecology and distribution, population dynamics and interactions with humans, to the best knowledge currently known. Quite technical but nonetheless excellent.

Harpoon at a Venture'
Maxwell, G. 1952. Hart-Davis, London. 272 p.
Basking shark harpoon fishery on the Hebrides Islands.

The inflatable sharks. Survival of the fattest ?'
Michael, S. 1986. Sea Frontiers, Vol. 32, No. 1, January- February 1986, pp. 27-33.
Behaviour of the swell shark.

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Observations of Carcharhinus springeri "sleeping" in caves off Yucatan.

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Review of all megamouth captures, particuarly megamouth VI and its release.

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A Revision of the Hammerhead Sharks (Family SPHYRNIDAE)'
Carter R. Gilbert. 1967. p.88. Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Press, Washington D.C.
This is a scientific publication, not for the layman.

Sevengill; The Shark and Me'
Don C. Reed. 1986. Publ. by Alfred A. Knopf inc., NY. ISBN 0- 394-86926-5. pp. 125.

Sharks of the shallows'
Gruber, S. H. 1988. Natural History, Vol. 97, No. 3, March 1988, pp. 50-59.
Life history of lemon sharks in the Bimini lagoons, fifty miles east of Miami, Florida.

The Soupfin Shark and the Fishery'
Ripley, W. E. 1946. California Division of Fish and Game, Fishery Bulletin, Vol. 64, pp. 7-37.

The Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) in the Northeast Pacific and a History of its Utilization'
Ketchen, K. S. 1986. Canadian Special Publication of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 88. 78 pp.

Synopsis of Biological Data on the School Shark, Galeorhinus australis'
Olsen, A. M. 1984. FAO Fisheries Synopsis No. 139. Rome: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 42 pp.
A technical report.

Whale Sharks'
Clark E. National Geographic, Vol. 182, No. 6, December 1992, pp. 123-139.

Whitetip-the cave shark'
Russo, R. 1984. Sea Frontiers, Vol. 30, No. 1, January- February 1984, pp. 30-36.
Covers the Whitetip reef shark.


The Collector's Guide to Fossil Sharks and Rays from the Cretaceous of Texas'
Bruce J Welton and Roger Farish. 1993. Before Time, #5 Remington Dr, Lewisville, TX 75067. pp.204.
Identification guide plus information on fossil preparation and display, tooth collecting and collection sites with extensive list of references. Narrow focus, although readable by the layman.

Eocene fossil sharks of the Hampshire Basin'
M. J. Pullen. Publ. at 4, Kenilworth Rd., Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 5NE, England. c1981.

The Fossil Collector's Handbook: a Paleontology Field Guide.'
Macdonald, J. R. 1983. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 193 pp.

Fossil Sharks of the Chesapeake Bay Region'
Bretton W. Kent. 1994. Egan Rees & Boyer Inc., Columbia, MD. ISBN 1-881620-01-8. pp. 146.
Narrow focus, although readable by the layman.

Fossil Sharks a pictoral review'
Gerard R. Case. 1973. p.64. Pioneer Litho Co, Inc. 350 Hudson St, NY, NY 10014.

A Guide to Fossil Sharks, Skates and Rays from the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal'
Edward M. Lauginiger and Eugene F. Harstein. 1983. Area, Delaware. Open File Report No. 21. Delaware Geological Survey, Univ of Delaware, DE. pp. 62.
Narrow focus, scientific publication. Not for the layman.

Handbook of Paleoichthyology, Chondrichthyes II, Mesozoic & Cenozoic Elasmobranchii'
H. Capetta. 1987. Publ. by Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart - New York. pp. 193.
Narrow focus, scientific publication. Not for the layman.

Kelly's Guide to Fossil Sharks'
K.V. Kelley, Jr. 1971. p.38. M & M Printing, Ruskin, Fl.

Let's Go Fossil Shark Tooth Hunting'
B. Clay Cartmell. 1978. p.76. ISBN 0-930498-01-1. Natural Science Research, 2307 Manchester Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

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Sections on fossil sharks.


Catalog of type specimens of recent fishes in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution'
Jeffrey C. Howe. Publ. by Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C. pp. 19.
From the Smithsonian contributions to zoology; no. 540' series.

Conservation Biology of Elasmobranchs'
S. Branstetter. 1993. NOAA Technical Report NMFS 115 U.S. Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service. 99pp.
Contains 9 articles covering topics on Elasmobranch biology, fisheries, and public education.

Elasmobranchs as living resources: Advances in the biology, ecology, systematics, and the status of the fisheries'
Pratt, H.L., Gruber, S.H., and Taniuchi, (Eds), 1990. Proceedings of the Second United StatesJapan Workshop, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, 9-14 December 1987. NOAA Technical Report NMFS 90. 518 p.
Very scientific, comprises 34 review or original papers, and recommendations for future research.

FAO Species Catalogue, Vol 4, Parts 1 & 2, Sharks of the World'
Leonard J.V. Compagno. 1984. Publ. by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.. pp. 655. Part 2 (Order Carchariniformes) is available from the American Elasmobranch Society (www.elasmo.org), soft bound for 10 dollars. Part 1 is rare due to the loss of many copies thanks to water damage. Part 2 covers cat sharks, requiem sharks and hammerheads. Supply is so short that a phone call/email would be advised prior to booking.
Often considered the shark bible. At the time of publishing contained info. on each known species of shark. Is still extremely useful but needs updating. Not a readable book', it is a text/reference book. A must for all shark enthusiasts.

Fish Medicine'
Stoskopf, M. K. 1993. W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia, London. 882 pp.
Section VIII, PP. 737-816 om sharks, skates and rays, Inlcudes a brief review of taxonomy and natural history of sharks, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, and comprehensive discussion of shark diseases and pathology.

Fish Physiology.'
Vol VIII, Bioenergetics and Growth. Hoar, W. S., D. J. Randal, and J. R. Brell, eds. 1978. Academic Press, New York. 786 pp.

Fish Physiology.'
Vol IX, Reproduction, Part A, Endocrine Tissues and Hormones, 483 pp. Vol. IX, Reproduction, Part B, Behavior and Fertility Control, 476 pp. Hoar, W. S., D. J. Randal, and E. M. Donaldson, eds. 1983. Academic Press, New York.

Guide to the study of the anatomy of the shark, Necturus, and the cat'
Samuel Eddy. 1947. Publ. by J. Wiley & sons, New York and Chapman & Hall, London. pp. 115. 2nd edition.
Covers dissection, cats, menobranchus, dogfish and sharks.
Investigations of the Ichthyofauna of Nicaraguan Lakes'
Thorson, T. B., ed. 1976. School of Life Sciences, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 663 pp.
Section on freshwater sharks.

A List of Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States and Canada'
American Fisheries Society. 1991. 6th Edition. American Fisheries Society Special Publication No. 20, Bethesda, Maryland. 183 pp.

The Oceania region's harvest, trade and management of sharks and other cartilaginous fish: an overview'
Sant, G., and Hayes, E. (Eds) 1996. TRAFFIC Oceania, Sydney. 165 p.
As described by title, an overview with many figures, tables, and references.

An overview of world trade in sharks and other cartilaginous fishes'
Rose, D.A. 1996. TRAFFIC International, Cambridge, UK. 106 p.
General but fairly comprehensive account, given the difficulty of obtaining statistics; useful references.

Overview of world elasmobranch fisheries'
Bonfil, R. 1994. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper No. 341. FAO, Rome. 119 p.
Review of fisheries, with many charts, graphs, tables, and references.

Physiology of Elasmobranch Fishes'
Shuttleworth, R. J., ed. 1988. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, New York, London. 324 pp.
Includes chapters on the respiratory system, nervous system, sensory physiology, muscles and locomotion, salt water balance, and reproductive physiology.

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Age Determination of Oceanic Pelagic Fishes: Tunas, Billfishes, and Sharks.'
Prince, E. D., and L. M. Pulos, eds. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Technical Report NMFS 6. 2111 pp.

Recent advances in the biology of sharks'
Northcutt, R. G., ed. 1977. American Zoologist, Vol. 17, No. 2, Spring 1977, pp. 287-515.
Technical papers on a variety of topics dealing with anatomy, biology and behaviour of sharks.

Reproduction and Development of Sharks, Skates, Rays and Ratfishes'
J. Wourms and Demski, L., eds. 1993. Environmental Biology and Fishes, 1993, Vol 38, No. 1-3, 270 pp.
Results from the 1990 Charleston, SC, AES Symposium: 22 papers arranged in four sections: reproductive ecology and life history; structure and function of the reproductive system; neural and endocrine control of reproduction; embryonic development and viviparity.

Sensory Biology of Aquatic Animals'
Atema, J., R. R. Fay, A. N. Popper, W. N. Tavolga, eds. 1988. Springer-Verlag, New York, London. 936 pp.
Apparently contains a section on shark sensory biology.

Sharks: biology and fisheries'
Pepperell, J.G. (Ed) 1992. Proceedings of an International Conference on Shark Biology and Conservation, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, 25 February - 1 March 1991. 349 p. Special Issue, Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 43(1).
Scientific, 26 conference papers. See Pepperell et al 1993 for account of accompanying Workshop. Quite technical.

Shark Flesh in the Food Industry'
Gordievskaya, V. S. 1973. Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (translated from Russian), Published for the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, by the Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem. 26 pp.

Sharks of the Order Carcharhiniformes'
Leonard J.V. Compagno. 1988. Publ. by Princeton University Press, 41 William St, Princeton, NJ 08540. ISBN 0-691-08453-X. pp. 445.
This is a scientific publication that would be hard to read/understand by the layman.

Shark repellents from the sea: new perspectives'
Bernard J. Zahuranec, ed. American Association for the Advancement of Science, Selected Symposium 83. 210 pp. Publ. by Bowker, Epping. c1983. ISBN: 0859351858.
Set of conference papers concerning shark attacks and repellents.

Symposium, Vision in Elasmobranchs: A Comparative and Ecological Perspective'
Hueter, R. E. and J. L. Cohen, eds. 1991. Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida, April 27-29, 1989. The Journal of Experimental Zoology. Supplement 5, 1990. 182 pp.


A Database Compiled From Early Case Histories In The International Shark Attack File'
Authored by H. David Baldridge, PhD, a retired Captain, USN. A special report from the American Elasmobranch Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History. pp. un-numbered but several hundred at least.
Interesting, but for the most dedicated shark enthusiast only. It contains info on 1655 attacks all in great detail and in data form in tables. In other words, it must all be decoded before it can be understood.

Agonistic attacks on divers and submersibles by gray reef sharks, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: anti-predatory or competitive ?'
Nelson, D. R., R. R. Johnson, J. N. McKibben, and G. G. Pittenger. 1986. Bulletin of Marine Science, Vol. 38, No. 1, pp. 68- 88.

Reef shark attack! New clues raise new questions about why sharks bite people'
Perrine, D. 1989. Sea Frontiers, Vol. 35, No. 1, January, February 1989, pp. 31-41.

Shark Aggression against Man: beginnings of an understanding'
Baldridge, H. D. 1988. California Fish and Game, Vol. 74, No. 4, pp. 208-217.
A summing up of what we know about shark attacks and where we go from here.

Shark Attack'
H.D.Baldridge. 1976. Everest Books, London. 1975. Berkley Medallion Books. 278 p. (Paperback).
General, semi-popular but authoritative account.

Shark Attack'
V. M. Coppleson. 1962. 2nd edition. Angus and Robertson, Sydney. 269 pp.
Discussion of shark attacks on a world wide basis.

Shark Attack: A Program of Data Reduction and Analysis'
H. David Baldridge. 1974. Mote Marine Laboratory.

Shark Attack: How, Why, When and Where Sharks Attack Humans'
Coppleson, V., and Goadby, P. 1988. (Revised edition) Angus and Robertson, N.S.W. 262 p. ISBN: 0207153507.
General, semi-popular account of this particular topic.

Shark attack: in Southern African waters and treatment of victims'
Tim Wallett. Publ. by Struik, Cape Town. ISBN: 0869771884.
Covers attacks and identification.

Shark attacks in California and Oregon 1926-1979'
Miller, D. J. and R. S. Collier. 1980. California Fish and Game, Vol. 67, pp. 76-104.

Speaking of Sharks'
Ellis, R., and J. McCosker. 1986. Oceans, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 25-29, 58-60.
A dialogue on white shark attack strategies.

Why do sharks attack humans ?'
Gruber, S. H. 1988. Naval Research Reviews, Vol. XI, 1, pp. 2- 12.
Motivations of sharks, analyzing shark attacks, and the research programs of the Office of Naval Research are discussed.


Anglers' Guide to Sharks of the Northeastern United States, Maine to Chesapeake Bay'
J. G. Casey. 1964. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Circular 179, Washington, DC. 32pp.
An illustrated key.

An Angler's Guide to South Carolina Sharks'
Charles J. Moore & Charles H. Farmer. 1981. Recreational Fisheries Office of Conservation, Management and Marketing South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources Dept., P.O. Box 12559, Charleston, SC 29412. pp. 74.

California Sharks and Rays'
P. M. Rodel and W. E. Ripley. 1950. Fish Bull. #75, State of California Dept. Nas. Res., Div. Fish & Game, Bur. Mar. Fish.

Divers Guide to the Sharks of the Maldives'
Dr. R. C. Anderson. ISBN 99915-3-014-2.

A Field Guide to Pacific Coast Fishes of North America'
Eschmeyer, W.N., E.S. Herald, and H. Hammann. 1983. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston. 336 pp.
Identification of marine fishes of the Pacific coast; includes a section on cartilaginous fishes.

A Field Guide to the Sharks of British Coastal Waters'
P. Vas. 36pp., 41 figs. 5.70.
From the Field Studies Souncil AIDGAP Guides. An illlustrated guide for the field and laboratory identification of the 21 species of shark found in coastal waters around the British Isles, including details of biology and natural history.

Guide to the Sharks and Rays of Southern Africa'
Compagno, L.J.V., D.A. Ebert, and M.J. Smale. 1989. Struik Publishers, Cape Town. 160 pp.
A field guide that includes substantial sections on general biology, commercial fisheries, shark attack, and conservation.

The National `Shark-o-pedia'
Faughnan, V.R. 1980. Undersea Resources Ltd, Honolulu. 72 p.
General, brief, semi-popular account, but concentrating on Hawaiian and western N America.

Preliminary guide to the sharks found off the east coast of South Africa'
Jeanette D. D'Aubrey. Publ. by Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban, South Africa [1964]. Investigational report no. 8. pp. 95.
Mainly an identification book.

The Rubby-Dubby Trail: shark fishing in British Waters'
Trevor Raymond Housby. Publ. by Gentry Books Ltd (55 Moorgate, London EC2R 6BR). 1972. ISBN: 0856140090. pp. 131.

Shark fishing in British waters'
Trevor Raymond Housby. Pan Books, London. 1973. ISBN: 0330238116.
From the Pan Anglers' library' series.

Sharks of Arabia'
Dr. John E. Randall. 1986. IMMEL Publishing, Ely House, 37 Dover St, London WIX 3RB. ISBN 0-907151-09-4. pp. 148.

Sharks of the Carolinas'
Schwartz, F. J. 1989. Institute of Marine Sciences, Moorehead Sciences, Moorehead City, North Carolina. 53 pp.

Sharks and other ancestors: patterns of survival in the South Seas'
Wade Doak. Publ. by Hodder and Stoughton, 1975. ISBN: 0340189797. pp. 333 (16pp. of plates).
Personal observations of sharks in the south-west Pacific Ocean.

The Sharks of Hawai'i. Their Biology and Cultural Significance'
Leighton Taylor. 1993. University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu. 126 pp.
Includes species accounts of Hawaiian sharks and a comprehensive register of shark attacks in Hawai'i by George H. Balazs.

The Sharks of North American Waters'
Jose I. Castro. 1983. Texas A&M University Press, TX. ISBN 0- 89096-140-9. pp. 180.
108 species accounts of sharks from North American waters. The first part of the book discusses shark evolution, anatomy, biology, distribution, and fishery methods.

Sharks and Rays of Australia'
Last, P.R., and Stevens, J.D. 1994. CSIRO Information Services, PO Box 89, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia. 513 p + 84 pls. $95.00.
Semi-popular account of Australian sharks, rays, skates, and chimaeras/ghostsharks. Excellent colour paintings, the illustrations are spot on. Covers shark identification, feeding habits, biology, distribution and morphology. Identifies and illustrates 296 species of sharks and rays; includes 300 colour maps with distribution information.

Sharks and Rays of Australian seas'
Stead, D. G. 1964. Angus and Robertson, London. 211 pp.

Sharks and Rays of the Pacific Coast'
A. Ferguson and G. Cailliet. 1990. Monterey Bay Aquarium, California. 64 pp.
Easy to read introduction to sharks and rays, their biology and habitats with a section on the research performed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sharks, Sawfish, Skates, and Rays of the Carolinas'
Schwartz, F. J. 1984. Special Publication, Institute of Marine Sciences, Moorehead City, North Carolina. 101 pp.
Guide with field key to Carolinian sharks; includes information on fossil sharks and teeth, sport and commercial fisheries, and shark attacks in Caolina waters.

Sharks. Shorelines of America, The Story Benind the Scenery'
Peter C. Howorth. 1992. ISBN 0-88714-063-7. KC Publications Inc. Box 14429, Las Vegas, NV 89114. pp. 48.

Sharks of tropical and temperate seas'
R. H. Johnson. Publ. by Les Editions du Pacifique. Last printed in 1992. ISBN 981-204-116-8. pp. 170.
A very interesting little book. It specialises on species that the author has seen mainly in Fench Polynesia. Most observations are his own, making for interesting reading. Usual information on anatomy but a lot on behaviour esp. swimming patterns. A book that should be in the study of any dedicated shark enthusiast.


About Sharks and Shark Attacks'
D. H. Davies. Routledge and Keegan Paul. 1965.

Beyond the reefs and Shark for sale: adventures in the Seychelles'
William Travis. Publ. by Arrow, London. 1990. ISBN: 0099749904.
Although this is an autobiography it is supposed to conatin much information and personal experiences of sharks, especially the fishing perspective.

Biology and Behaviour and Sharks'
1984. Endeavour, New Series, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 179-187.
Many facts packed into an easy to read format.

The Book of Sharks'
Richard Ellis. 1983. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers, 757 Third Ave, NY, NY 10017. ISBN 0-15-113462-6. pp. 256.

The Book of the Shark'
Authored by Dr Keith Bannister. Publ. by Grange books. Last printed 1996. ISBN 1- 85627-812-3. pp. 128.
Contains information on basic reproduction, shark senses and anatomy and. Also contains basic information on all recorded species. Good book for high school students who want a basic understanding of all sharks with no specialisation in one particular area.

Catch more shark'
Keith Elliott. Publ. by Wolfe, London. 1976. ISBN: 0723407142. pp. 63.
Covers shark angling, primarily in Great Britain. A Wolfe catchmore book.

The Concise Illustrated Book of Sharks'
Rodney Steel. 1991. Publ. by Brian Trodd, London. pp. 47. ISBN 185361193X.

Danger; Shark!'
Jean Campbell Butler. 1964. Little, Brown and Company.

Deep Atlantic - Life, Death and Exploration in the Abyss'
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The Delicate Constitution of Sharks'
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Describes problems and solutions to keeping sharks in captivity.

Discovering Sharks'
Edited by Samuel H. Gruber. A volume honoring the work of Stewart Springer. Written by many authors inc. Leonard Compagno, Sanford Moss, Eugenie Clark & S. Gruber. Spec. Publ. 14 by the American Littoral Society. 121 pp. Soft bound. Available from the American Elasmobranch Society (www.elasmo.org) - limited supply. 12 dollars.
V. good book, though technical in some areas. Covers all areas from anatomy and feeding to repellents.

The Elasmobranch Fishes'
J. F. Daniel. Publ. by University of California Press, Berkeley, CA. 1934. 332 pp.
Technical work on anatomy sharks. Many later editions published.

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Easy to read discussion of the reproductive adaptations in sharks and rays.

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Chapter on the evolution of sharks.

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Great Shark Stories'
Valerie and Ron Taylor. Last publ. in 1987 by Book Club Associates by arrangement with The Crowood Press. pp. 171. ISBN unknown.
A collection of extracts from other good books on sharks ie. Blue Meridian, Shark Attack, Men Beneath the Sea: Conquest of the Underwater World. An interesting book, although outdated and simply a collection of stories from other authors books.

The Jaws of Death'
Xavier Maniguet. Printed by Harper Collins. Last printed in 1993. ISBN 0-00-219960-2. pp. 318. 9.99 in UK.
A book that covers all aspects of shark biology, but concentrates on attacks mainly. Is reputed by many shark studying scientists to be very sensationalistic, and indeed, many of the quoted facts' within this book are dubious. It is a very readable book, that could be understood by high school students and yet would also appeal greatly to an adult audience. The Jaws of Death was one of France's biggest selling titles of 1991, consistently at the top of the best- seller list.

Killers of the Seas'
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Semi-popular and relatively technical.

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From what I can gather this is primarily a pictorial/photographic publication.

Myth and Maneater, The Story of the Shark'
David Kenyon Webster. pp. 223. No ISBN. Publ. by Dell Printing. Probably out of print.
An intriguing, and yet, old book. That centres mainly on attacks. The author died on his last expedition in 1961 whilst studying sharks.

The Natural History of Sharks'
Thomas H. Lineaweaver III and Richard H. Backus. 1970. Lyons & Burford.

Samuel Garman. Publ. by Benthic Press.
A classic volume, originally a memoir of the museum of Comparative Zoology, originals are now currently worth in the region of $400. This volume is now being re-printed by Benthic Press at US$65. Contact Benthic Press at 703B Pier Avenue, Suite 646, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 or email: orders@benthic.com.

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Colour field guide; introduction on biology and eceology followed by a glossary of terms and pictorial key to families.

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General, semi-popular account.

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General, semi-popular account, extracts from various publications on sharks, fiction and non-fiction.

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An illustrated encyclopedic survey by international experts. A good book that again covers all areas; biology, distribution, ecology, behaviour etc. But does centre a little on attacks. Has an interesting section entitled Using Sharks'.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. 1981. Oceanus, Vol. 24, No. 4, Winter, 1981/2. 80 pp.
Semi-technical level; devoted to shark research. Sections on classification, vision, feeding, reproduction, sensory experiments, grouping behaviour, and shark repellents. No longer in print but can be obtained in larger libraries.

Sharks and Rays / British Museum (Natural History)'
Publ. by The Museum, London. 1974. 6 pp.
Introductory leaflet.

Shark Attack'
Mac McDiarmid. Publ. by Parragon Books Ltd. Last printed in 1996. ISBN 0-75251-716-3. pp. 96.
Covers most areas of shark behaviour; senses, evolution etc. but centres on attacks and is subject to a lot of sensationalism. Aimed at no higher than a high school audience.

Shark: A Photographer's Story'
Stafford-Deitsch, J. 1987. Headline Book Publishing, London. 200 p.
General, semi-popular account, many colour photographs. Not many facts but an interesting read, nonetheless.

Sharks Are Caught At Night'
Francois Poli. 1958. Henry Regnery Company.

Shark Conservation'
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Semi-technical: covers commercial fisheries, beach meshing, international cooperation in conservation.

Shark, Endangered Predator of the Sea'
Text and photographs by Marty Snyderman. Publ. by Key Porter Books Limited. ISBN 1-55013-629-1 (paperback) and ISBN 1-55013-781-6 (hardback). pp. 128.
A good book that bases itself on photography due to Snyderman's main interest in u/w photography. Has few facts and centres on conservation and Snyderman's own experiences. A good book for the coffee table' that should not be dismissed by scientists.

Sharks. Fact on File Publications.'
Stevens, J.D. (Ed.) 1987. Intercontinental Publishing Corporation Ltd: Golden Press Pty Ltd, Australia. ISBN 0-948075-98-6. 240 p.
Comprehensive general account, compiled by known people in the field. Articles written by experts in the field cover evolution, ecology, distribution, incidence of shark attacks throughout the world, myths, practical role of sharks, and ways to repel sharks. Good for the learner with general knowledge of species. Good quality pictures.

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Highlights of shark biology and behaviour with many beautiful photographs.

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Reductions in shark populations and age, and growth studies.

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Has different chapters each of which centres on a different species eg. the great white, mako, lemon, blue, basking, megamouth, nurse sharks to name a few. Quite good, although a little sensationalised. Few facts, not for the scientist, it is geared more towards the layman who has an interest in sharks.

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A popular account although it can get a little technical in areas.

Shark repellent: not yet, maybe never'
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History of the interest in use of shark repellents, practicability re-examined and guidelines suggested for future development.

Shark research at sea'
Morrissey, J. F. 1987. Sea Frontiers/Sea Secrets, Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 244-255.
Describes research performed on sharks, particuarly the lemon sharks, found in Bimini waters.

Sharks - the search for a repellent'
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Covers repellents including sound waves, personal research and narratives.

Sharks, Silent Hunters of the Deep'
Multiple authors, 12 main contributers. Reader's Digest, 26-32 Waterloo St, Surrey Hills, NSW 2099. Last printed 1994. ISBN 0-86438- 047-X. pp. 208.
Has excellent information on all aspects of shark biology. Contains a fantastic section that lists all known species at time of publication inc. latin & common names, max & average sizes, distribution, colour, diet etc. Not too technical, it is quite readable and is ideal for the dedicated high school student.

Shark Smart: The Divers' Guide to Understanding Shark Behaviour'
Richard Martin. 1995. Diving Naturalist Press. North Vancouver, BC. (604) 980-3406.
177 pages. Exceptionally well recommended. Includes inormation on agonostic displays, identification and Caribbean shark species profiles.

The Shark, Splendid Savage of the Sea'
Jacques-Yves and Phillipe Cousteau. 1970. ISBN 0-89104-112-5. Publ. by A & W Publishers, 95 Madison Ave, NY, NY 10016. Cassell, London. pp. 273.
General book, popular with the layman. Rotates mainly around the expeditions of the Cousteau family. Not entirely factual, due to Cousteau's often showmanship-type attitude.

Sharks and Survival'
Gilbert, P.W. (Ed.) 1963. Heath & Co., Boston. 578 p.
Technical account of dangerous sharks, shark attack, and shark biology related to attack behaviour.

Sharks, The Silent Savages'
Theo W. Brown. 1975. Collier Books.

Sharks, the Ultimate Predators'
Teresa farino. 1990. Publ. by W. H. Smith Publishers, 112 Madison Ave. NY, NY 10016. ISBN 0-8317-7764-8. pp. 160.

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Thomas Helm. 1961. Dodd, Mead and Company.

The Shark Watchers' Guide'
G. Dingerkus. 1985. Wanderer Books, Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York. 144 pp.
A handy fact filled guide, easy to read, about several familiar and unfamiliar species.

Sharks of the World'
Authored by Rodney Steel. Publ. by Blandford Press. ISBN 0- 7137-1425-4 (hardback) & ISBN 0-7137-2341-6 (paperback). 12.99 for paperback. 192 pp.
V. good book not too technical. Contains info. on evolution, anatomy and on the most popular species as well as some of the lesser known ones.

Sharks - The Worlds Most Feared Underwater Killer'
Teresa Farino. ISBN 1-85501-394-0.

Special report: on the track of the real shark'
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True Shark Stories'
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The World of Nature, Sharks'
Lee Server. 1990. ISBN 0-8317-9579-4. Publ. by The Image Bank, 112 Madison Ave, NY, NY 10016. pp. 62.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE BOOKS Wie Haie wirklich sind'
Hass and Eibl-Eibesfeldt.
Covers shark biology and behaviour.