Regional Studies

Sharks of Hawaii: their Biology and Cultural Significance by Leighton Taylor. Retail: $19.95. Amazon price: $13.97. Hbk.
Noted marine biologist and shark expert Leighton Taylor has given us a very valuable book with "Sharks of Hawaii." Taylor outlines shark biology, gives species accounts of all the sharks found off Hawaii, and examines conservation and cultural aspects. Very good book, and well worth the (cheap!) price. Lots of nice illustrations, including some paintings.

Sharks of North American Waters by Jose I. Castro. Retail: $17.95. Amazon price: $14.36. Pbk.
This is just a great book. The book starts with a well-done and concise yet comprehensive general coverage of shark anatomy, biology etc. Then, it covers every species of shark found in North American waters, with a wonderful line/stipple-point drawing of each, as well as a similar drawing of the teeth of each species. Then, of course, there is an excellent write up for each species, covering description, habitat, and general biology (including reproduction, feeding habits etc.). Taking all these points into consideration, and the book's incredibly low price, this book is a must-have.

Reef Sharks and Rays of the World by Scott Michael. Retail: $24.95. Amazon price: $24.95. Pbk.
This book is probably the best general idenfication guide to reef elasmobranchs of the world. It starts with a general overview of elasmobranch biology, and then starts with species account. Each species is illustrated with a color photograph (almost entirely of live sharks and rays in their natural habitat), as well as a small line drawing (found at the beginning of each family grouping). Each species also has a concise but informative write up. If you want an identification guide to reef sharks and rays (which comprise a large majority of the total number of species worldwide), this book is perfect. But keep in mind it is more than an I.D. guide, because it contains much more species pecific information than most guides. Recommended.