Great White Sharks


Hbk = Hardback, or hardcover.
Pbk = Paperback.

The Great White Shark

Great White Sharks: The Biology of Carcharodon carcharias edited by A. Peter Klimley and David G. Ainley. Retail: $44.95. Amazon: $44.95. Pbk.
While it is pretty technical, this volume is the most up to date and in-depth treatment on white sharks yet. There are papers here by scientists from all around the world, on all the newest developments in white shark biology and behaviour. I can't stress how good this book is, and how important it is. If you can deal with scientific writing, this book is a must-have. Check out its table of contents.

Great White Shark by Richard Ellis and John McCosker. Retail: $29.95. Amazon: $23.96. Pbk.
This handsome, coffee-table type book is the best popular book on the public's favourite shark published so far. Ellis and McCosker are extremely well qualified for the job of writing the book, and it is packed with information. There are lots of photos (by Al Giddings and others), drawings and paintings (by Ellis). I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone looking for a great book for a great shark!

Cousteau's Great White Shark by Jean-Michel Cousteau et al. Retail: $19.99. Amazon: $13.99. Hbk.
This is another large format book with lots of photos. Unlike, Ellis and McCosker's book, this one has more narrative in it, telling about the Cousteau's research on the white sharks off Australia, a few years ago. I like Ellis and McCosker's book better because it has more information, and a better over-all design, but if you're looking for a more of a personal experience, check out this book.

Blue Meridian by Peter Matthiessen. Retail: $12.95. Amazon: $10.36. Pbk.
This is a rather old book about Matthiessen's journey with Peter Gimbel, Ron and Valerie Taylor and others in search of the white shark, to film for Gimbel's now famous documentary "Blue Water, White Death." Most of the book is a narrative of their search, and the things that happen, and very little, actually, is about the white shark. However, it is still an interesting treatment, and is considered a classic.