Phillipine Giant Octopus Attack

On Christmas Eve, 1989, a sea accident occured in the southern Phillipines. Off Manticao, fishermen recovered twelve survivors hanging onto the overturned motorized canoe, as well a as the body of a twelve-week old boy. Survivors claimed that a giant octopus had attacked the vessel, grabbing its pontoons.

Agapito Cabellero, one of their number, said, "Suddenly the waters began to bubble. then we saw something that looked like a giant octopus. It was as huge as an imported cow." After the attack, the beast submerged rather than injure any survivors.

This story sounds a little fishy too me. It seems strange that an octopus would leave the bottom and come up and attack a boat. Octopi stay near the bottom, and even big ones are timid. Many divers have swum with the giant octopus off the coast of British Columbia, which can grow to 272 kilograms and have a 9.6 metres arm span, and the octopi always swim away. And finally, to end my debunking of the above sighting, octopuses feed on the bottom (eating crabs,shellfish, carrion etc.) and wouldn't come to the surface to attack a possible food item that is as big as its self.

Source: Summarized by Ben S. Roesch from Denver Post, December 27 1989.